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Showing posts with label news. Show all posts

Friday, 18 May 2018

Youtube to Launch Music Streaming Service Next Week

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Youtube to Launch Music Streaming Service Next Week

Google’s YouTube will launch a music streaming service next week, it said on Thursday, looking to use its popular internet video brand to tap the growing market for paid music streaming.

YouTube Music will launch on May 22, and include features such as personalized playlists based on a user’s YouTube history. The service is expected to eventually replace Google Play Music, the Alphabet Inc unit’s existing music streaming brand.

“Google has an advantage given YouTube’s more than a billion users and viewers. So, it has opportunities to convert some into YouTube Music listeners or premium subscribers,” said Ali Mogharabi, analyst at Morningstar Research.

The growing adoption of paid music streaming has helped wean a generation of music listeners away from free or pirated music, and has led to services such as Spotify and Apple Music becoming the recording industry’s single biggest revenue source.

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Facebook Details Scale of Abuse on Its Site

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Facebook Details Scale of Abuse on Its Site

Facebook says it deleted or added warnings to about 29 million posts that broke its rules on hate speech, graphic violence, terrorism and sex, over the first three months of the year.

It is the first time that the firm has published figures detailing the scale of efforts to enforce its rules. Facebook is developing artificial intelligence tools to support the work of its 15,000 human moderators. But the report suggest the software struggles to spot some types of abuse.

For example, the algorithms only flagged 38% of identified hate speech posts over the period, meaning 62% were only addressed because users had reported them. By contrast, the firm said its tools spotted 99.5% of detected propaganda posted in support of Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and other affiliated groups, leaving only 0.5% to the public.

The figures also reveal that Facebook believes users were more likely to have experienced graphic violence and adult nudity via its service over the January-to-March quarter than the prior three months.

But it said it had yet to develop a way to judge if this was also true of hate speech and terrorist propaganda.

"As we learn about the right way to do this, we will improve the methodology," commented Facebook's head of product management, Guy Rosen.

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Samsung’s market share drops 2.4% despite early launch of S9/S9+, says IDC

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Samsung’s market share drops 2.4% despite early launch of S9/S9+, says IDC

Smartphone market leader Samsung saw its market share fall 2.4% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year, reports IDC, despite launching its flagship S9 and S9+ handsets earlier than usual.

IDC does, however, note that the bulk of S9/S9+ sales will fall into Q2 ...

DC reports that the market as a whole experienced a fall in sales of 2.9% during the same period.

According to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone vendors shipped a total of 334.3 million units during the first quarter of 2018 (1Q18), resulting in a 2.9% decline when compared to the 344.4 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2017.

It now looks as if consumers are not willing to shell out this kind of money for a new device that brings minimal upgrades over their current device.

The success of Apple's high-priced iPhone X did, however, see the company achieve significantly greater growth in both revenue and profit thanks to a dramatic uplift in average selling price.

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Twitter says bug caused user passwords to be stored in plaintext internal log

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Twitter says bug caused user passwords to be stored in plaintext internal log

Twitter is urging all of its more than 330 million users to immediately change their passwords after a bug exposed them in plain text. While Twitter’s investigation showed that there was no evidence that any breach or misuse of the unmasked passwords occurred, the company is recommending that users change their Twitter passwords out of an “abundance of caution,” both on the site itself and anywhere else they may have used that password, which includes third-party apps like Twitterrific and TweetDeck.

According to Twitter, the bug occurred due to an issue in the hashing process that masks passwords by replacing them with a random string of characters that get stored on Twitter’s system. But due to an error with the system, apparently passwords were being saved in plain text to an internal log, instead of masking them with the hashing process. Twitter claims to have found the bug on its own and removed the passwords. It’s working to make sure that similar issues don’t come up again.

Twitter hasn’t revealed how many users’ passwords may have potentially been compromised or how long the bug was exposing passwords before it found and fixed the issue. But the fact that the company is urging its entire user base to change their passwords indicates that it would seem to be a significant number of users.

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Microsoft Launches Africa’s 1st Software Testing centre in Nairobi

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Microsoft Corporation has opened Africa’s first Software Testing Centre in Nairobi, putting Kenya in the global picture as home to technological innovation. Kenya becomes the fourth country in the world after China, Poland and India to host such a centre, which will employ more than 1,000 youth. DP Ruto praised the move. He said technology is a crucial ingredient for achieving Jubilee’s Big Four agenda. Ruto spoke during the launch in Hurlingham, Nairobi, yesterday.

The DP said the friendly policies put in place by the government had created a fertile environment for multinational companies to set up their operations in Kenya. “This is a win for our economy; this is a big vote of confidence for Kenya, in our tech community and its abilities. This development will define our prosperity,” he said. Ruto said the government is committed to making Kenya a chief exporter and producer rather than a mere consumer of technological innovation.

“The government wants a vibrant technology sector, a Silicon Savannah and we believe if we can build a proper community of engineers, developers, coders and designers, we can deliver the innovations that will define the prosperity of this country in the future,” he said. Techno Brain engineers will access the latest Windows Operating System. The Nairobi test centre will get exclusive access to Windows Insider software builds that are yet to be released in the market.

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HTC U12+ will be unveiled on May 23rd, teases ‘more than a sum of its specs’

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HTC has been eerily quiet when it comes to smartphones for the past several months, but we've known for quite a while that the company has a new flagship in the works.

In a brief teaser released on Twitter this morning as well as sent to members of the press, HTC has officially started promoting its next Android smartphone.

While that could mean anything, it probably means HTC is trying to go more of a Pixel route with this device, focusing more on selling the device based on what it can do, and less so on what powers it.

Previous spec leaks show off what should be a very capable phone, and if last year's HTC U11 is any indication, we should be getting a killer camera here.

It's also worth noting that this is probably going to be one of the very few flagship devices launching in 2018 without a notch on the display as well.

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Google Assistant rolling out ‘Stocks’ to its list of services

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Google Assistant continues to add new first-party capabilities and update existing functionality, like remembering podcast playback across devices.

The Google Assistant Services list now features a new menu called "Stocks."

It is rolling out as of this morning to several, but not all of the devices.

Appearing in Assistant settings, it shows up at the bottom of the list and just serves as a simple shortcut to the existing settings in the Google app to manage stocks.

A list of stocks have long been displayed in the Upcoming tab of the Google Feed and occasionally send notifications during price drops or increases. Tapping the overflow menu on that card lets users “Customize stocks.”

This new way to access through Google Assistant is slightly more convenient for those who frequently use the feature and comes as more and more controls are centralized in this Services list for Assistant.

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MPs threaten Mark Zuckerberg with summons over Facebook data

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MPs have threatened to issue Mark Zuckerberg with a formal summons to appear in front of parliament when he next enters the UK, unless he voluntarily agrees to answer questions about the activities of his social network and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Damian Collins, the chair of the parliamentary committee that is investigating online disinformation, said he was unhappy with the information the company had provided and wanted to hear evidence from the Facebook chief executive before parliament went into recess on 24 May.

“It is worth noting that, while Mr Zuckerberg does not normally come under the jurisdiction of the UK parliament, he will do so the next time he enters the country,” Collins wrote in a public letter to Facebook. “We hope that he will respond positively to our request, but, if not, the committee will resolve to issue a formal summons for him to appear when he is next in the UK.”

Collins referred to an unconfirmed report by Politico that Zuckerberg planned to appear in front of the European Parliament this month, suggesting it would be simple for the Facebook chief to extend his trip to attend a hearing in the UK. He has asked for a response by 11 May.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

7 most important things Facebook announced at F8 2018

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg started off the F8 2018 conference with a protracted apology for Facebook’s role in Russian election-meddling and third-party acquisitions of personal data, explaining Facebook's new privacy security settings along the way. Here are the seven most important announcements from the F8 2018 Day 1 keynote:

*1. Oculus Go release date is today: *In a not-so-surprise announcement, Zuckerberg informed the San Jose, California conference crowd and those watching via livestream that Oculus Go is on sale today on Oculus.com. People in 23 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, can go on the site and purchase the standalone headset right now.

*2. Dating profiles are coming to Facebook:* Soon, you'l' be able to build a Facebook dating profile and connect with other singles in your area—in a part of the app that your regular Facebook friends can’t see. If you opt into the feature, you’ll be able to set up a dating profile, then search your area for Events and Groups where you're likely to meet potential daters.

*3. Facebook Messenger is getting a redesign: *Facebook Messenger may be getting new features like *4K photos, AR effects and AI translation* tech, but the platform's upcoming interface revamp will clear away a lot of the clutter. VP of Messaging David Marcus showed off a quick glance at the new look on stage some time after Zuckerberg also said Messenger was due to get a simpler, cleaner look.

*4. Clear History will wipe what you've been browsing:* In a few months, Facebook will roll out a “Clear History” option, which will let you turn off Facebook’s ability to store data on you. Normally, Facebook Analytics collects data on your browsing history and “Likes”, and uses this information to curate suggestions and ads for your feed. With Clear History, you’ll be able to wipe all of Facebook Analytics’ collected information about you.

*5. New social-focused VR apps: *Oculus is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that Oculus Go owners have plenty of new, exclusive VR content to try out within their first month of purchase. Facebook, which owns Oculus, outlined the new and significantly updated apps coming to the platform. The first app, Oculus Rooms, has been around for awhile, but now it's redesigned and all about making it easier than ever to hang out with friends in a virtual space to play games, watch movies, or otherwise catch up. It'll be available for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR for now.

*6. Instagram and Messenger add AR Camera Effects:* At last year’s F8, Facebook showed off its new augmented reality (AR) technology, which lets you insert 3D animated creations into your photos and videos. Now, the company has brought its AR Camera Effects suite directly into Instagram and Facebook Messenger, so you can add things like face filters, “world effects” or 3D objects into your feed.

*7. Big updates to Instagram chat and WhatsApp calling: *Confirming rumours from earlier this year, Zuckerberg announced that Instagram users can now use video chat to connect with people through the app. *Up to four people can join the chat at once*, and you’ll be able to browse around inside the app while your friends sit in a thumbnail in the corner. Facebook has also added a similar option to *WhatsApp called Group Calling*, which also allows up to four people onto one call.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

New Samsung set to be released today!

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If you're looking for the best all-around Android smartphone right now, you don't need to look much further than Samsung's Galaxy S9 family.

The two phones are solid across the board, and today, Samsung is announcing the addition of two new storage tiers...

Rumors have been floating around the past few weeks that Samsung was planning to launch new Galaxy S9/S9+ variants with higher storage, and today the company has made that official in a blog post.

Samsung points out in the post that these new tiers are being made available for users who "who want to instantly access their high-capacity files while on the go."

With all of the 4K footage, slo-mo video, and fantastic pictures the S9 family can take, it makes sense to offer the extra built-in storage, even though microSD expansion is available.

It's also worth noting that Samsung is offering free Gear Icon X (2018) earbuds or a Gear S3 Frontier discounted to just $99 between May 1st and May 17th for any S9 purchase, including these pre-orders.

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Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica; data sales account for 13% of revenue

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Facebook came under massive fire for first allowing Cambridge Analytica to hoover up user data from the platform, and second keeping quiet when it found out about it. But it turns out that Twitter has directly sold data to the company …

The news was revealed by the Telegraph over the weekend, and was confirmed by Twitter, which says that it has now banned ads by the company.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed the ban and said: “Twitter has also made the policy decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned and operated by Cambridge Analytica. This decision is based on our determination that Cambridge Analytica operates using a business model that inherently conflicts with acceptable Twitter Ads business practices.

One difference, however, is that Facebook allowed the company to collect data users would have expected to be available only to their Facebook friends; Twitter data is almost all publicly available. There is, though, a big gulf between reading individual tweets and mass-collection of same for analysis.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Finally! FG Finally Approves Tax Reduction For Telecom Operators IN NIgeria

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Finally some good news in the telecom industry as the Federal Government deduced to reducing payable taxes by telecom operators in Nigeria. In order to expand their services to the hinterland.

This report was conveyed by the Minister Of Communication, Mr. Adebayo Shittu at the 2017 Information Communications Technology and Telecommunication Expo in Lagos, which was organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Shittu made it clear that the expansion  would create room for the telecom operators to serve the people better. As both the under served and Unserved would benefit greatly from the tax reduction, as they would get access to the basic services.

The Minister also made it known to the public that National Economic Council had approved a policy to harmonise Right of Ways charges payable by telecommunications companies on local , state and federal highways.

He said , The policy, when it comes to fruition, will minimize the spaces occupied , burden on the roads and reduce taxes payable by the telecoms operators .
As such, with the Row challenges gone, operators can invest in last mile infrastructure, especially fibre, that will boost services. 

He also stated that the ministry would discuss a common solution for the smooth implementation of the Row Projects with states and other relevant stakeholders.

He also said that the ministry would continually support the establishment of new companies in the area of hardware and software development by ensuring that they were protected by regulations or other means.
Shittu Added We will assist them to grow. We have accepted that Nigeria must take the leadership role in Africa’ s Information and Communications Technology ecosystem.
We are amenable to Public - Private Partnership relationships to drive the ministry ’s projects . We, therefore , assert that 2017 must be a year of action.

The President, LCCI, Dr. Nike Akande, said now is a great time to maximize the full potential of ICT in the Country “when the economy is in dire need of diversification. ”
She added , “Today , virtually all sectors leverage ICT for optimal performance . This is evident in the financial services sector , where electronic banking is now the vogue.”

This development is coming after NCC Urged Nigerians to brace up for Revised Data Price Soon, which we are hoping would go significantly lower than before after this report.

Have Your Say!
Does this mean we can now enjoy after what i tagged "Enslavement" by the telecom? 

Use The Comment Box Below to share your thoughts with us

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Must READ: Reasons Why I Stopped Blogging

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Must READ: Reasons Why I Stopped Blogging
I know some of you might have thought i was done blogging, yes i considered this option when i wanted to resume school activities due to day-to-day strenuous activities. But the main reason i stopped publishing posts was because of bad network reception in my New Campus.

My University runs the external campus system, and due to my course of choice i was to continue in a new campus prior to the main campus located at Ago Iwoye, I was to move to the College of Engineering and Environmental Studies located At Ibogun Ogun State.
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