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Friday, 27 March 2020

COVID-19: MTN Gives Out Free 100MB Daily

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The COVID-19 epidemic started in Nigeria some weeks back and the number keeps increasing daily, as a total lockdown looms in the country, MTN did something commendable in this time of crisis.

John F. Kennedy once said "In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics."

MTN Nigeria has announced the Y’ello Hope Package, a series of measures to support MTN customers and communities.

This package helps MTN subscribers get free internet access to important website where informations and resources on the COVID-19 virus can be obtained.

This class action by MTN will help crub fake news from flying around as you can get the information you need for free.

I received a pop-up notification from MTN, that I have been granted 100MB daily to browse some certain websites. See picture below.

MTN said on their website:

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic COVID-19), we understand how important it is to be well informed to protect yourself, family and loved ones.

To keep up with the updates on the coronavirus pandemic here are a few sites to visit at zero cost on the MTN network

Stay informed and do not forget to “Do the Five” to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This action is really commendable by MTN, because people can now get first class information without paying.

I do hope the other telecommunications providers join them soon.

Remember to "DO THE FIVE"

The Five 

1) Wash your hands often
2) Cough into your Elbow
3) Don’t Touch your Face
4) Stay 3ft apart from people when having a conversation
5) Feel Sick? Stay At Home

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Saturday, 25 January 2020

How to Activate unlimited MTN free call cheat

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Good day everyone, it's been a while we post due to a reason which leads to another, I hope you bear with us.

Alright so straight to the business of the day.
This MTN free call tweak is about to tell you is quite technical and stressful I must say. All you just have to do is to follow the steps carefully without missing a line or word.

Before we proceed, let's see the distinct features of this cheat.

Feature of unlimited MTN free call cheat

* You can call all network in Nigeria.
* it doesn't require airtime to work.
* Activation is instant
* Works on special MTN numbers
* No valid period

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Call Cheat

>First and foremost, get a new MTN SIM with the following prefix:  081640***, 081641***, 081642***, 081643***, 090611***, 070630***, 080641***.

>The Above numbers prefix are the numbers it will work on. Make sure you get one of the numbers above with the exact number prefix.

>Get the sim and register it as you would do to a normal sim.

>Recharge 100 Naira and above, make a normal call for a minute just to fully activate the new MTN sim.

>Go to your Phone's Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators -> then tap on Select Manually.

>Then wait for network search to complete. When done, you'll get a list of available networks.

>Kindly choose any network to register on it except MTN.

>You might get an error message, just ignore it.

>Go to your dial pad and call any number you want to call by adding 999 before the number. For example 99908170915317.

>You might get a response saying "Number doesn't exist". Don't be worried. Just go back to your phone's settings and select another network operator except for MTN.

>Again, redial the number again. If you stop getting such response and faced with frequent hangup, then you have to keep redialing the number until it finally connects.

>The continuous hangup is caused by network congestion on 999.

>Make sure you don't select network operator again if you successfully activated this cheat on the MTN sim.

That's all friends. I hope this cheat has helped.
If you have any issues or complaint kindly post them on our comment box.


Friday, 30 August 2019

Tweakware VPN Settings for MTN 0.00KB Free Browsing Cheat 2019

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This post was updated on August 30th 2019

Hey guys, Recently the MTN 0.00kb cheat capped at 50MB daily stopped working on our SSH based VPNs like HTTP injector, Spark VPN and KPN Tunnel Rev.
I believe MTN is on a mission to block all the loopholes in their servers, but they still left another option open for us to exploit.

If you have been following this blog and free browsing cheap for a while now, you must have heard of a VPN app called Tweakware. Tweakware is not ssh based and still works with the MTN 0.00kb cheat.

Tweakware VPN is a tunneling software that can securely anonymize your internet activity by encrypting all your internet traffic. It can let you access websites and or contents/services that are restricted or blocked by your ISP. e.g Youtube, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter etc... 


For ease of access, we provided a config file for tweakware (.twk) file on our telegram channel, below are the steps to import the file

STEP 1: Download Tweakware Vpn From Playstore Or Their Official website

STEP 2: Open the  Tweakware VPN you downloaded, and tap on “SETTINGS” and select “IMPORT TWEAK” 
STEP 3: Locate the .twk file you downloaded from our channel select it to import the settings to Tweakware.
STEP 4: Now, go to the homepage, choose the FREE server and select “IMPORT TWEAK” option and finally, connect.

After 10secs it should connect and you will have access to the free daily 50mb!
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Saturday, 18 May 2019

MTN Full Advantage: Get 1GB Data And 1000 Airtime For N1000

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MTN announced via their social media platform that a new data plan that gives you 1GB plus N1000 of talk time to call all network.

MTN tagged the plan Full Advantage because anytime you activate the plan you get the 1GB worth of Data and N1000 Airtime to call all network, which is like killing two birds with one stone. 

According to MTN on Twitter;
What are 14 days when we're giving you 30 days? Take #FullAdvantage so your happiness can be long-lasting.
Get on the offer that was made Just For You.

The Full Advantage plan is valid for 30days and all MTN customers are eligible to subscribe to this plan irrespective of their tariff plan.

How To Subscribe for MTN Full Advantage Offer

1. Recharge your MTN sim with at least N1000
2. Dial *131*310#

3. Reply 1 to proceed
4. Boom, You will be given 1GB data and N1000 airtime to call all network.
5. To check data balance; Send 2 to 131
6. Valid for 30 days

What do You think about this Plan? Have your say using the comment box below. And do not forget to subscribe to TELEGRAM CHANNEL for faster Updates.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Download GidiMo App And Get Free MTN 150MB Data

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Hey guys, today i was surfing the internet when i stumbled upon a cool app  called GIDIMO that gives users free 150MB data upon signup which i feel will be of great help to everyone especially in this season of cheat scarcity.

Gidimo is quite like the popular Dent application but with a unique difference, Unlike dent, Gidimo gives you the data when you succssfully signup..

What Is Gidimo

Gidimo is the developing world's pioneer personal advancement platform, here to help you #SeizeYourFuture!


With gidimo, you can
  • Learn with friends
  • Succeed with ease! and
  • Achieve your dreams!

All while winning fabulous prizes & rewards, in gidimo's best-in-the-world GG store!!

How To Get Free MTN 150MB On GidiMo App

Remember that this offer is limited for only MTN users

  • Then a box will pop-up confirming your MTN data. Now, press OK to confirm.

  • Data is valid for 7 Days.
  • Dial *460*260# to check your data balance.
By now you should have gotten your 150MB data, i know it is small but like i said earlier, it is quite manageable especially in this recession.

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