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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Download Flaim App And Get 500MB FREE Data On Any Network

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There is a new app trending right now called Flaim, The developer of the app is giving out N500 naira worth of data Free to Nigerians who download the app and Sign up.

The data can be used on any device be it, Android, iOS e.t.c.

The developers of the app are celebrating their launch in Nigeria and are rewarding the first 100,000 users up to N1000 worth of mobile data for registering and inviting friends! 

About The Flaim App

The Flaim app is a revolution in social messaging.

Which enables you to do the following

1. Video and voice calling
2. Two way message delete
3. Multimedia messaging: share video, text and voice messages
4. Group chat & call
5. Highest level encryption; everything you say and do is totally private!

According to Them, this is just the start. As the community grows, so do the rewards.

With flaim, sharing truly is rewarding. Share the love and help flaim spread like wildfire!

Take back control of your data and stay in touch with family and friends with complete peace of mind!


1. Download the App HERE

2. Provide your mobile Number you want to receive the data to sign up

3. Verify the number

4. After successful Verification, You will be rewarded with 500MB free data.

Note: Due to traffic you might experience a little delay while verifying just exercise patience.


Saturday, 15 December 2018

How to Get Free Data On All Network Via the Dent App

14:45 4
Hey Guys, Buying mobile data in Nigeria can be frustrating due to the cost, But RammyBlog has been re-branded and now structured to bring you tricks on how to get free and cheap data.

Some months back, Dent was launched in Nigeria and Malaysia, The Dent app allows you to send mobile data top-up and earn free data with the DENT App by referring other users to download and install the app on their device. The DENT App allows you to top-up someone else’s or your own phone.Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-ones from anywhere in the world.

When the Dent app launched in Nigeria for the first time, It was misused by Nigerians, but now the Dent app has improved their security a little by imposing phone call verification for first time users.

The Dent app now gives you 270 dents when you signup with this link and an additional 405 dents for startup cool right.

How To Get Free Data Using Dent App

  • Verify Your Phone Number. (Its is a call Verification).
  • Sign-up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
  • After successful signed up, you will be welcomed with 270 Dents + 405 Dents
  • To get more Dents ,you  have to refer friends to earn more points.
  • To purchase data with your Dents, Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and let’s go. It really is that easy.
  • That's all

How To Get Free Dent Without Referring

So many people have asked me this question, and most have resorted to cheating which might lead to  the company folding up early, Am sure the Dent developers are well aware of this which lead to them introducing a new update which allows you to earn free and legit dents by just completing a task. Below are the steps to earn free dent

  • Firstly, You need to update your Dent app. Click Here to Update
  • After successful update you will notice a change in the design of the app, There is a segment there that notify you to earn free dents, Click on Check Offers
  • It will show you list of tasks you will perform to earn free dents, Choose the one you can easily complete.
  • For me i chose to download an app on play store and it rewarded me with 311 dents.
  • That's all, Now you can earn dents by not even referring anyone to use the app.

Another unique feature about the dent app is that the  app allows you to safely buy DENTs with PayPal to make the topping as quick as possible.

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Friday, 7 December 2018


22:07 1
As the Festive season draws near, MTN decided to bring Christmas to us Early!.. 

Was a bit busy today, So when i gave my phone Attention, i saw people talking about MTN free data. And i was like "eheh" in this Nigeria 😄.

Well Yes! Little Good things can still happen in Nigeria as MTN Season of Surprise is back again and subscribers have gotten their surprise already, which is quite thoughtful by the Network Providers.

According to MTN, this offer is tagged #SeasonOfSurprises#Just4U. It's actually a package that subsidizes the regular price of so many MTN packages.
Yeah, Hold that thought, I know you might be thinking how the whole "Surprise Thing" works. Below is a quick analysis of how this amazing offer works

How Does This Offer Works?

Since fingers ain't equal, We don't except you all  to get same Surprise package. What i am saying is that, what i get for my own MTN surprise package will be different from what you will get as your own MTN surprise package. Some will say its about luck. But i have this saying "Since its free, Just Do It".

Some folks got 500mb free data from MTN as their own surprise package which is valid for 7 days. To view bonus data balance , Dial *559*4#.

There are so many surprises in store #Just4U this season to browse, talk and text. Cool right 😎

Now i know you are reading this post and you are like, How do i get this now..

How To Get Your Own Surprise Package

You don't need to do anything to prompt MTN to give you your surprise package as it has already been issued out to eligible subscribers.

To see your surprise package, simply dial *142# on your MTN line. Once you dial that code, you will see your surprise package smiling at your screen.

If you are not eligible yet, you'll get a response like.

"You don't have an offer yet"


"Dear Customer, Thanks for trying. You are not eligible for this offer"

At least you collect Thanks for coming 😂..

Remember The Surprise package varies, Some will get just credit, some will get data, while some will get both credit and data.

That's all the information i have for now 😄. Did you get your Surprise? What Did they give to you?

Let us know using the comment section below!

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How To Get MTN WeChat 5GB For N50 And 20GB For N200

15:33 7
Hey Guys, am back again with another free data trick for MTN subscribers, This time around you can 5GB for just N50 on MTN. Interesting right!

MTN WeChat is a cheap data cheat in which you can get 5GB for just N50, Mtn cannot just get out of the news lately, while we are still enjoying mPulse data plan, and the recently blocked Airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000.

The MTN WeChat cheap data plan works for all devices without the need for any VPN to help power all apps but the issue with it is that it sim selective, but if your sim is lucky, Enjoy while it last!

How to Get 5GB From MTN for Just N50 

  • Dial *662# select 6, then select 2
  • Purchase We Chat Weekly Bundle For N50
  • BOOM!! If Successful, You will be given 5GB DATA
  • To Check Balance Dial *131*4#
  • It Works for all apps!
  • No Need For And VPN
  • You can accumulate up to 20GB repeating the same steps

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Get 30GB free Data From 9Mobile When you Buy a 3G or 4G LTE MIFI

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Hello, It seems the search for customers is still very much on for 9Mobile as they are here again with an amazing offer.

9Mobile is currently offering 30GB worth of data if subscribers purchase either 3G Mifi or 4G LTE Mifi from any of their experience centers. 9Mobile took to their twitter page to announce this crazy offer.

9mobile official twitter page tweeted:

What would you do with 30GB of FREE Data; Movies, Series, Music, Social Media, Gaming, Research? Enjoy 30GB free data when you buy an LTE/3G mifi from our experience centres. #9mobileLTE3GMifiOffer #9mobile

Well, its quite easy,  All you need do is to visit any of 9Mobile experience centers and purchase either a 3G OR 4G MIFI, then after successful activation you will be would be given the 30GB free data. Easy and simple right

What do you think about the new offer? Are you going to purchase your mifi soon?
If you have any question kindly use the comment box below

Saturday, 11 August 2018

MTN FREE 1GB DATA: See How To Get Yours Now!

17:51 6
Hey Guys, i know things have not gone our way in terms of getting freebies from the Telecom companies, Recently a MTN cheat was shared on our Telegram group which was blocked last week and Glo gave us free internet access for 2 weeks with the help of Anonytun.

So let's get down to business, Today i received an interesting message from MTN, which indicates that i have been rewarded a whooping 1GB of Free Data to Browse WhatsApp and other websites, which prompted me confirm whether you all got yours.



Like i said i didn't know what i did to warrant the free 1GB data, but incase you didn't get the message Dial *559*4# to check if you have been given the data and if you received the message, let us know in the comment box below.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Glo Declares Thursday September 28 As Free Data Day

21:19 2
Glo is back with freebies for its loyal customers, As the self proclaimed grandmasters of data Glo declared Thursday September 28, 2017 as Free Data Day. If you follow Rammyblog then you would recall that they also ran the same promo in which  August 11, 2017 was declared as a Free Data Day in which customers that were eligible were given 200MB free data to flex all day long.
Glo Free Data Day

For those wondering what GLO FREE DATA DAY means 

It is an offer which rewards Glo customers Free Data for a whole day when they meet set voice and/or data usage threshold in the week preceding the free data day. Customers enjoy the free data on that day without any need to opt in or subscribe.

However, NCC stepped in and tried to stop the Free data day promo in which i thought would be the end of the Free data day promo but as thing stands now, it seems they have resolved all the issues concerning the proposed NCC embargo.

The major problem with Glo is the issue of their bad network but if you do not have issues with Glo network then its time to enjoy freebies courtesy Glo.

According to Glo
All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day.


To be eligible is very easy because if you are actively using the Glo network then it should not be a problem for you. To be eligible just fulfill the following threshold 7 days before the promo set day.
  • Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data OR
  • Use N250 or more on voice calls.
Very easy right.


Glo stated clearly that the free data day promo is capped at 200MB.

Like i stated earlier if Glo network is not an issue in your area the keep this date Thursday September 28, 2017 because freebies like this do not come often from our telecoms operators. So Enjoy it while it last!

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Activate 50GB Data on MTN Ghana For Free

19:17 6
The Ghanaian readers on this blog can finally rejoice as am dropping a new way to get awoof data from MTN GHANA, Mtn Ghana are dishing out a whopping 50GB of data to their customers which can be renewed automatically every month till the 6th month after activation.

Its not a cheat neither is it a trick rather it is an official gesture made by MTN to the Ghana people and it was made known by MTN via twitter

  • Goto your messaging app
  • Send MB TO 151
  • Then if successful you would get a confirmation message as below
"Thanks for using your new phone for MTN. You have been rewarded with Data freebies of 50GB each month for 6months. Welcome to the new world."

If you get this message, Then no holding back bro, as  the data can be used on all device.

And Nigerians can still enjoy awoof from MTN HERE

And do not forget that by staying active on rammyblog.com.ng you can win airtime and other giveaways. READ MORE HERE

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18:36 11
MTN NIGERIA. has launched a new promo tagged Mtn Prestige Anniversary, which reward old customers with  750MB worth of free data plus 120 minutes of  free airtime to call all network.
Like i earlier stated, the promo is to reward old customers, so it select sim (0803 to be precise), but you might just turn out lucky and 750MB worth of data and 120mins airtime aint a bad deal.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

JUST IN: NCC Stops Glo Free Data Day Promo

21:48 2
NCC has yet again exercised their power over Telecom operators in Nigeria, As They halted the Glo free Data Day Which was slated for tomorrow Friday, August 11.
Yesterday i reported on this blog about the GLO FREE DATA DAY which gives you access to the internet all the long courtesy Glo. 
But Today, everything has changed due to the NCC intervention.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

FREE BROWSING: As Glo Declares August 11th As Free Data Day

22:42 4
Glo did not allow me rest with free data messages so i decided to share it with you guys, maybe they would stop sending now.. smiles
Glo officially declared Friday, August 11th as GLO FREE DATA DAY for all their customers. Whta this implies is that on that set date you would be able to browse on all different devices for free but fair usage policy applies.

Glo seriously has been trying for Nigerians in terms of data but the problem with them is the bad network which i wrote an article on (READ HERE). According to some this blog readers the network has improved a little and i published an article on How To Make Any Network Browse Faster.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

New Method To Activate MTN 100% Double Data Bonus Without IMEI Tweak

19:44 12
Hey Guys, Am back with some good news, Ehn i know what you are thinking, Its Not Glo, Its MTN!!! YIPPE 🎊🎊.

MTN 100% Double Date Offer is Back and Better, Remember those days when you had to tweak you imei to get the offer, Well those days are gone as you can now get the Double Data Offer Without tweaking your Imei.
Isn't That Some Good News😊😊

Friday, 4 August 2017

Get Free Data For One Year From 9Mobile When You Buy New Smartphone

23:20 19
9Mobile( Formerly Etisalat), Is still in the spirit of giving, As they are offering  customers a full year of free data when they purchase a new smartphone.

This offer was posted at their Official website, And according to the website post "When activate your new smartphone on the 9mobile network and get 1.5GB instant free data valid for 30 days plus 100% bonus on all monthly data plans purchases in the first 6 months and 50% bonus on all monthly data plans purchases in the second 6 months"

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