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Thursday, 16 August 2018

How To Subscribe For Night Plan On MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo Networks.

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Hey Guys,  It's been a long time out of  the Blogosphere and i must admit i miss everything about Blogging and most importantly all of my Readers!. I announced in the Whatsapp Group that i would be back May 1st and this post is a confirmation to my promise!, Lets get to business...

So as lazy youths all we do is to surf the internet and download both the necessary and the unnecessary files, So my Question is Do you want to download heavy files? and you do not have enough data, Then the best solution is Night plan.

Night Plans have proven to be a life saver over the since it was first introduced cheaply by MTN, though they are some glitches in the T&Cs of the Night plans offered by all the Telecommunication companies but i would be frank as ever with you guys, Night Plan is close to being a Scam as usual... we are in Nigeria, 'If you cant beat them, just join'. 

Below i listed the various Night Plans offered by various Telecommunications companies i.e MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile(formerly Etisalat) and Glo.. The night plans varies from Cheap to expensive depending on your budget.

I must admit it is arguably the best you can get in one night, Airtel has one of the cheapest Night plan which goes for as low as N25.
1. You must be on Airtel Smart Trybe
Dial *312# then select 1 to migrate

2. After successful migration, Dial *312# then select either of the two options depending on how much data you want

N25 for 500mb
N200 for 1.5gb

3. You would receive a confirmation sms.

Validity: 12 A.M - 5 A.M
To check data balance dial *140#

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The most expensive as expected, but as we all know Etisalat Speed is Bae.
The Night plan comes in three different packages.

A. Classic Night Plan
To subscribe;
Dial *229*3*11# 
Cost: N200 for 1GB 
Validity:  12am to 5am

B. 9MOBILE 2GB For N1000 Plan 
To subscribe, dial *229*3*12# for 2GB evening & weekend plan @ N1000 (7pm – 6:59am All Night) and the whole of weekend

C. 9MOBILE 5GB For N2000 Plan 
To subscribe, dial *229*3*13# for 5GB evening & weekend plan @ N2000 (7pm – 6:59am All Night) and the whole of weekend PLUS 100MB WhatsApp (24/7) 

Everything about their plan is normal, and it is not cheap like the Airtel Night plan but you can renew it.

How To Subscribe:

2. Text NIGHT to 131
Below is the various packages they have

a. N25 for 125MB
b. N50 for 250MB

Multiple purchases allowed!

Validity: 12am - 4am 

Their package is very different from other networks, As its a little expensive but they offer the highest Gigabyte per night and they save you stress of subscribing every night.

The Glo night plan comes in two packages

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)61*127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN2001GB1 day (12am – 5am)60*127*60#
More of weekend plan, but it is usable during the week as Night plan and weekend For 24 hours,
To me its a win-win situation.

Just dial *127*61# or Text 61 to 127

It cost N500 - 3GB.


This package is somehow expensive as you can get N200 for just 1gb, And its not renewable

Dial *127*60# or Text 60 to 127

Cost N200 - 1gb


The beauty of Night plan is that it works on any devices including Java phones, Symbian, Android, iPhone, iPad, PC . And remember you have the best download speed in the NIGHT.

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Having Problem Subscribing? 
Am here to help, Just comment below and i would reply ASAP.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to Activate 100% Double Data Bonus on Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN

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If you follow me on Facebook, you would notice i have been showing off a lot of data recently, the datas are courtesy of Double Data Bonus. Double data gives you twice the value of any data you Purchase.

The Double data bonus offer was first started by Mtn, but being a good initiative all other networks started the double data bonus offer. So after popular demand, i took my time to compile all double data plans for MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel and how to activate it on your own line.

The double data plans when activated works on any phone, Android, iOS, Windows phone, Tablet and also works on PC. Below are the double data plans for all networks and how to activate them without tweaking IMEI.

How to Activate MTN 100% Double Data Offer

  • Mtn ought to send you a message automatically, but if you haven't received the message, you can send DOUBLEPROMO and FREE to 131 as text message.
  • Wait till you get a reply, you can then subscribe and get your double data offer activated. Note that, it depends on eligibility.
  • Now, dial *131# and purchase any data plan your data will be doubled.
  • Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# and enjoy!

The night plan is nothing new, though it fluctuates sometimes, but its also an alternative when you need to download files less than 500MB

How to Activate Airtel 100% Double Data Offer

  • Airtel double data is not based on eligibility. So go ahead and dial  *144# and purchase any of the data plans.
  • Immediately, the purchased data will be doubled. 
  • Remember to check your data balance by dialing *140# and note that the double data offer lasts for 6 months but your purchased validity period based on the type of data plan you bought.

How to Activate Glo 100% Double Data Offer

  • Glo 100% double data also is not based on eligiblity i.e it can be enjoyed by all Glo subscribers. Even new and existing customers are eligible.
  • Firstly, buy any Glo official data plan by dialing *777# and leave the auto-renewal
  • Once your previous purchased data finishes, the next data plan that will be auto-renewed, will be doubled automatically.
  • Remember to always check your data balance by dialing *127*0# and enjoy!
  • Alternatively, You can purchase data on Qucikteller and you would be given the Double data bonus regardless whether you auto renewal is active. Read More Here

How to Activate 9mobile 100% Double Data Offer
  • The double data bonus offer of 9mobile is based on tariff plan. If you are using 9mobile network, you need to migrate to Morecliq plan by dialing *244*1# to enjoy the offer.
  • After successful migration, dial *545# and activate the 100% double data offer
  • Now, subscribe to any 9mobile data plan and it will be doubled immediately.
  • Remember to check your data balance by dialing *228# and enjoy!

This Double data offer has been a reliable source of getting more data while paying less for me, been rocking it for more than 6 months now, and all were confirmed working by me except Airtel, which was also confirmed by other bloggers, The most interesting part is the the double data bonus doesn't zap and its not a cheat rather official data plans from the network providers.

The doubled data can be used to stream videos, download, surf and browse, It can do anything online just like your normal data does.

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

How To Bypass 350mb Limit On Etisalat Remote Tweak Without Upgrading To Premium Account On Tweakware

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Hey guys, Hope you are enjoying the New Etisalat tweak? But do you know you can use more than the bandwidth limit 350mb by Tweakware? 
I know some of you might have wondering how to exceed the bandwidth limit since you have been flexing the Etisalat Remote Tweak Without having to be a premium User.
Great News, because you can now extend the 350mb to 5gb without having to stress yourself. Just Follow the simple steps below.
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