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Showing posts with label double data. Show all posts

Saturday, 1 September 2018

New Method To Activate Airtel Double Data Bonus 2018

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Hey Guys, Happy New Month! 🎊 Today i bring you a very easy way to double your data on Airtel without having to tweak IMEI but rather send SMS just like that of MTN.

Like i earlier this new method for activating Airtel double data doesn't require you to tweak your IMEI, this method will just require you to send SMS and it can be activated on any device.


Now let's get to business. the main issue with this method of activating Airtel double data bonus is that it is sim selective i.e it will not work for all sims, but there is no harm in trying and am confident it will work on most sims.


To activate Airtel double data bonus, kindly sms Get to 141 .

If successful it means you are eligible and you will receive a confirmation message of your double data bonus being activated for 3 months, What this mea ns is that any data you purchase for the next 3 months will be doubled by Airtel.
i.e. If yo purchase 50 MB over this period it will doubled to 100MB

Let us know if you encounter any problem while activating your Airtel Double Data bonus. Leave a comment and don't forget to share with your friends!

Friday, 15 September 2017

How To Get 100% Double Data Bonus From Glo Without Renewing Your Data

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Hello guys, since the sudden hike in price of the Glo data plans and the recent blocking of  the glo free browsing, most have dumped their GLO sim cards considering their bad network. Go and dust that glo sim back because am here with some good and encouraging trick in this time of "cheat scarcity" LOL.
Glo quickteller

Recently i published a working method on how to get double data on Mtn without having to tweak your IMEI, which raised questions on how to get double data on all other networks which was published here also. But the Method that was published for Glo was the normal boring method in which you have to renew your data once it finishes in order to get the Double data offer. 

Now you can get double your data without having to renew it immediately it finishes, You might be wondering how its possible, well it not a cheat neither do you have to tweak your IMEI. The method is very simple just like the MTN double data method.

Let me just cut to the chase, You can now get double the data you purchase on your Glo line through Quickteller. 
Glo quickteller

By purchasing your data from Quickteller, you save stress and panic on when your data would finish so as to renew it. As you can purchase anytime you feel like and get double of whatever you purchased  i.e If You Buy 1.5GB Data You Would Get Another 1.5GB as Bonus making it 3GB, e.t.c

All you have to do is Download the Quickteller app Or Log on to their website QuickTeller Or Use the Quickteller Ussd code :*322#

1. Register and Login
2.Click Data And Internet Services

3. Click Glo Data Bundle

4. Then Purchase any plan of your choice and you would receive double the data courtesy of Quickteller

You can check your data balance by dialing *127*0# or send INFO to 127

And that is all, hope it worked for you, Do not be selfish, Kindly Share this post using the Share buttons below. Having Problem? Am here to help, Just comment below and i would reply ASAP.
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