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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to Change any MTK Android IMEI Number -Tecno, iTel, Infinix And Others

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When we are talking of MTK Androids, we are talking about Tecno, Infinix, Oppsson, iTel and other ported MTK android devices (Nigerians refer to them as China androids). In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to change your MTK android device’s IMEI to a Blackberry device’s IMEI to enable you use some networks’ BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) on your MTK androids.

How Does it Work?

You might be wondering how it works or maybe changing the IMEI has any adverse effects on your MTK android. Below is the answer that solves such curiosity.

Changing the IMEI makes the phone appears to most network providers as a different device and as a result of this, You would be able to receive all offers available to that device.
The ONLY effect it (Changing of IMEI) has on phones is that it turns your android phone to a another phone by identity. All the functionalities of your android device remains the same.
DISCLAIMER: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries and could attract jail time. This post is only for educational purposes and if its illegal in your country we strongly advice you do not change your IMEI

How to Change Any MTK Android IMEI

This tutorial explains how to change your MTK android IMEI to any device IMEI using MTK Engineering MOD

1. Download MTK Engineering Mode HERE.

2. Open/Launch the MTK Engineering Mode on your phone.

3. Click/Select MTK Settings.

4. Navigate left to Connectivity.

5. On the connectivity panel, select CDS Information.

6. On the CDS section, select Radio Information.

7. Now, select either the SIM1 or SIM2, depending on which ever SIM you wish to change its IMEI.

8. On this page, Type E after AT+ . About four (4) options should be presented to you, just choose either of this options below:

Put the IMEI Number you wish to change to in-between this signs“”above.

Some Android phones would reply you with "COMMAND IS NOT ALLOWED IN USER BUILD" not to worry as we got you covered just put a space between AT and + then Send at command again i.e AT  +EGMR=1,7, "" -for SIM 1 AT  +EGMR=1,10,"" -for SIM 2

9. Now, tap/click the Send AT Command option.

10. Reboot your phone or put in airplane mode for about 5 secs and dial *#06# to confirm the change

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Monday, 2 October 2017

HOW TO Unroot Any Android Device With This Two Simple Methods

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Android has been  generally accepted as a n Operating system that is here to stay. The freedom the operating system gives it users is what makes it special from iPhone. This freedom can get the phone bricked and as well make the phone a better one.

Android has evolved over the years with so many updates the recent being Android 8 Oreo, and receiving updates and upgrading an Android is now very easy with just 5 clicks you can upgrade an Android phone.

A lot of people might be new to Android, while some are Android gods but in one way or the others, might not know this but it is adviceable to first of all unroot your device if you are rooted, to avoid story that touch. I’ll quickly show you two easiest way to unroot any Android device in seconds. 


Before you begin to unroot your android phone, make sure you have done the following: 

==>Backup your data: While unrooting, all the data will be wiped out. so make sure to backup all your important data either on your SD card or your PC. 

==>Charge your phone: Ensure that battery is charged to more than 60%. 

Method ONE: Super User App
This method works for all android devices that were rooted without installing custom recovery. 

1. First, download and install SuperSU app from Play Store. 

2. Launch SuperSU app, go to Settings, and tap on ‘Full unroot’. 

3. It will confirm you just tap continue. After successful, Unroot superuser will close automatically 

4. Restart your device 

5. Uninstall SuperSU and you are fully unrooted. 

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Method TWO: ES File Explorer
1. Install ES File Explorer app on your device. Don’t move it to SD card. 

2. Open the app and tap the menu button 

3. Now tap on ‘Tools’ and select ‘Root Explorer’ to turn it on.
4. Superuser will ask you to grant privilege or root privileges to the app. Allow it. 

5. Now go back to the main screen of the app and select ‘/’ in the top corner of the screen.
6. Go to system -> bin. Find the busybox andsu file and delete them. If you can’t find any of them, just skip to the next step. 

7. Go back to system folder then open ‘xbin’ folder and delete the busybox and su file there (if you found any). 

8. Now go back to the system folder again and open ‘app’ folder and then delete the supeuser.apk file located in the folder. That’s all. 

9. Now restart your device and it should be unrooted. Now that you have been fully unroot, you can continue with your upgrade.

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Monday, 18 September 2017


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Most of us don't know that our android device could do certain things, Android has almost reached the top of the smartphone market segment and day by day its user base is growing strong.These smartphones have become part of our daily life and we use them at most of the times but we still miss out on exploring our phone’s features completely. Many android users do not know much about the hidden features of android phones.

All of a sudden android devices freeze on few occasions.In case your android phone is frozen, you can reboot it instead of trying out other things and getting irritated by doing so.
Just press Power Button Home Key Volume up button simultaneously.

2) Quick Google Access:
We can’t imagine our world without internet and we all would love if we could access it in a single click and in a simpler manner.Many of the android users do not know that android phones provide a way by which we can access Google search in just a single click:
Press menu key and hold it for couple of seconds, it will launch the Google search .

3) Reboot Android in safe mode:
As we could reboot our computers, we can also reboot Android phones in safe mode. The latest Android- Jelly Bean version provides an option to reboot your device in safe mode if something goes wrong.To reboot your android device in safe mode, follow the below given instructions.
*Long press the power button
*Long press on the power off option. (This will help in hunting down the problem causing application)
Android phone will show a confirmation message about rebooting it in safe mode. If we reboot android phone in safe mode then all the 3rd party applications will be disabled. These applications can again be enabled when we reboot our phone normally. This is a great Android utility in case when one of your 3rd party application is causing serious trouble and you want to hunt it down.
To know more about safe mode, read – What is safe mode in android and how to switch it on .

4) Unlock android phones by face detection:
In the jelly bean version and KitKat, Android provides a way by which your android phone could be unlocked using face detection.To make this feature more secure, Jelly Bean version added another layer of protection in which Android phone can be unlocked only when the face is matched and when we blink our eyes. Blinking your eyes tells the android security system that person is live and it’s not an illegal attempt of unlocking using a still image.
To activate this: Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock 

5) Get detailed information about phone status:
We can get the detailed statistics related to our device like phone information, battery information, usage statistics and WiFi information by just dialing
This is a handy USSD to get the details about battery usage, DNS check, Ping, Application time, usage time and so on.

6) Move android apps to SD card:
It is always better to install android apps in SD card, but what if you have installed apps in your phone memory. Don’t worry! Android phones provide a way by which we can move our apps to SD card. To move apps to SD card, follow these steps:
Go to settings > Application settings > Manage application > Select the application, You will see the option “Move to SD card” .

7) Hard Reset and Factory reset your android phone:
Android phone can be formatted in two ways:
a) Factory reset: In factory reset, your phone is being formatted to factory level. Means all the settings will go by default and all the internal data will be deleted. To factory reset a phone dial *#*#7780#*#* .
b) Hard reset: To hard reset a phone dial
*2767*3855# , this will delete all the data (including internal and External SD data) as well as settings of android phone. Don’t try this code for testing purpose, until you are not sure. It will not ask for any confirmation.

8)Context menu in android:
Long press on the screen will show you additional options for customizing android phones. This context menu is somewhat similar to the right click menu of most operating systems.

9) Taking screen shots on android phone:
We all know that screenshot comes in handy especially when we want to save pictures online from an app that doesn't support image saving like instagram or we want save the chats of someone and send it to another person, Android phones offer a great feature by which we can take the screen shot without using any 3rd party application. However the procedure of taking screenshot varies from one android version to another version.
Procedure for most of the devices: Simply press volume down button and power button together.There are many more tricks and benifits related to capturing screenshots in android devices.

10)Set warnings for data limits:
Navigate to Settings menu and select the option ‘Data Usage’ to find the graph which clearly depicts the data usage in your device by all the applications.You can find the options to set warnings for data limits, set cycles for monitoring data usage and enable or disable data usage in your device.
Mobile data usage has a lot to do with device’s performance.There are many key features which need to be monitored so as to enhance the battery life of your android device.So keep an eye and play around with options like selective synchronization of data, selective mobile networks, switching from 2G to 3G whenever required etc., These tips will help you increase the battery life on your device for sure. How to get better battery life on your smartphone .

11)See your notifications even after clearing them:
Have you cleared all your notifications without seeing them?There is a very simple way to see them again.Go to widgets, grab the “settings shortcut” on to your home screen and select notifications there. Now you can see the Notifications shortcut on your home screen. Now open it, and you can see all the notifications. Path is Widgets > Settings shortcut > Notifications .

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Introducing MTN Youtube Hourly Data Plan(Subscription Codes)

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Yesterday,I got a text from MTN saying i could subscribe for their latest plan which had to do with a Time-Based streaming data bundle for YouTube.
Although there have been controversy about the Authenticity of the plan's Existence  but as at the time of this writing, RAMMYBLOG can authoritatively tell you that the plan is as valid as the sun..

The MTN Youtube Hourly Data Plan are of two categories in which both are very affordable, 
  • N150 would give you access to Youtube for an hour
  • N400 would give you access to YouTube for 3 hours

1. Dial *131*8#
2. Dial *131# and then reply with 8 

  • You Can Check The Balance Or Time Left on The Bundle With *559*18#
Unfortunately NO, It is not unlimited .It was confirmed by a tweet by Mtn Official Twitter handle 
According to the tweet
The 1 hour plan is capped 750MB while the 3 hours plan is capped 2.25GB. Thank you. JO. 
This to me is an downgrade on the 9Mobile 2 Hours YouTube Plan which gives you unlimited access to the Youtube and it can power all your applications but lasts for just 2 hours. 

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Download PhotoMath To Solve Maths Problems Using Your Phone Camera

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Download PhotoMath To Solve Maths Problems Using Your Phone Camera
PhotoMath is a great mathematics application that helps students tremendously in many difficult mathematics situations. It is more simple and different from other Maths apps because all you need to do is to snap the Maths expression or equation and the app will solve it and show you the answer including detailed working procedure.

Please guys, am not supporting malpractice on schools with this app because students will find it very interesting and useful to carry Maths expo in exam halls and in solving Maths assignments. It won't help you at all. You need to work hard and only use this app whenever you are tired if not, it will make you a lazy student because it will provide all the answers to you and show you how it was solved.

All over the world, there are more than 5 million users of this great mathematics tool and the number is still increasing by the day.

The app is very easy to use and even if you find it difficult to use, there is a guide on how to use it immediately you install the app on your device. At the moment it is only available for Android devices.

From the app developers, here are some added features.
• Added support for more complex math (advanced algebra, differentiation, integrals...)
• Added more detailed step-by-step descriptions
• Improved camera focusing on many Android devices
• Many other small improvements

Students and teachers can use it as a nice tool to learn Mathematics, while parents can easily utilize to check their children's homework.

Can PHOTOMATH solve word problems?
 Right now, PhotoMath isn't capable of solving word problems, handwritten text, geometry or calculus -- and it definitely can't help anyone calculate this. But what it can resolve includes basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, linear equations, log, exp, sin, cos and printed text.

Download photomaths apk app here

Friday, 18 August 2017


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Battery Capacity is a key spec to look out for when purchasing a new smartphone. The higher the battery capacity Longer the phone would last. Well the case might be different for smartphones with Android 6.0 because they last longer than devices with the same battery capacity on lower versions of Android.

Below is my 7 best Android with good battery capacity.

1. Innjoo Max 3
Key Features
Screen: 6.0 Inch 720p HD IPS Display
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM (expandable via MicroSD to 128GB
CPU: Quad-Core Mediatek Processor
Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop
Camera: 13MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera
Battery: 4000mAh Capacity

2. Gionee M5
Key Features
5.5 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Android OS, v5.1 (Lollipop)
Li-Po 6020 mAh battery
Dual SIM
16GB, 2GB RAM, microSD, up to 128 GB
13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash

3. Infinix Hot S
Key Features
Screen: 5.2″ HD
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Processor: Octa-Core
Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Camera: 13MP (Back), 8MP (Front)
Battery: 3000mAh

4 . Infinix Note 3
Key Features
Screen: 6.0″ FHD Display
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM (expandable to 128GB micro SD)
CPU: ARM Octa Core 1.3GHz
Operating System: XOS (Based on Android Marshmallow)
Camera: 13MP Back, 5MP Front
Battery: 4,500mAh

5. Lenovo A5000 –
Key Features:
Android OS 4.4 KitKat
8GB Internal Storage,1GB RAM
5.0 Inch HD Display
4000mAh Battery
1.3GHz Quad Core MediaTek MT6582 Processor

6 . Infinix Hote Note –
Key Features
OS: Android v4.4.2 (Kitkat)
Camera: 8 MP Camera, 2 MP Front facing Camera
Display: Size: 5.5 inches HD Display
Internal Memory: 1 GB RAM, 16GB HDD
Battery Life: 4000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Processor: Mediatek 1.4 GHz Octa Core Processor
Colour: Gold
Dual-SIM Standby

7. Gionee Marathon M2 –
Key Features
Colour: Black
1.3GHz Quad Core Processor
5 Inch Touch Screen Display
Dual SIM
8 MP Rear Camera With LED Flash, 2 MP Front Camera
4350 mAh Battery.

Feel Free To Add yours Using the comment box below.

Top 6 Android Phones That Support Wireless Charging (See Full List)

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Wireless Charging has been around for some years now, But due to some constraints it has not been adopted. Most Usb cables after some time of continuous use, it starts to shake, getting loose in the process and bends. Which makes it very annoying to use, This problems about usb cable would have been addressed by Wireless Charging.

 Unfortunately, Due to fights over Wireless Charging Standards, Most phones are currently without this function but luckily some smart phones Still managed to be built with this amazing function.

1. Samsung Note 5
2. Google Nexus 6
3. Samsung Galaxy S7
4. LG G4

5. HTC Driod DNA
6. Motorola Driod Turbo

Other Notable Devices include
HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE
HTC Droid Incredible 2
HTC Rezound
LG G3 Prime
LG G3 Cat 6
LG Optimus G Pro 2
LG Optimus G Pro
LG Spectrum
LG Optimus
LG Lucid 2
Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 5
Motorola Droid Maxx
Motorola Ultra M
Motorola Droid Bionic
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 active
Sony Xperia Z3
Sony Z3v
YotaPhone 2

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Top 20 Best Free Writing Apps For Android 2017

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It’s amazing how pen and paper, two inventions dating back to thousands of years ago, have been almost irreplaceable. But unfortunately it has been conveniently replaced by all sorts of Writing Apps. 

Writing comes with great passion which am sure brought you to this page, Writing is a great important art which needs comfort and concentration.
Most people own a smartphone now and it would be a great idea for you to write from your smartphone and share easily share with a large audience rather than doing paper works.
o am sharing a list of 20 great writing applications you should consider while writing on your Android device.
Comfort was considered when making the list so to enjoy your passion for writing.

How to Remove bloatware(pre-installed apps) on Android

22:03 1
Hey Guys, That annoying Moment You Buy A New phone and you discover about 20 pre-installed apps that uses 2gb of storage space. Well this has been a problem all android users has been living with. According to recently leaked confidential documents, "Google has been adding requirements for dozens of manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, Huawei Technologies and HTC that want to build devices powered by Android. Among the new requirements for many partners:
increasing the number of Google apps that must be pre-installed on the device to as many as 20, placing more Google apps on the home screen or in a prominent folder and making Google Search more prominent".

What Is Bloatware?
Well, Bloatware can also be referred to Pre installed apps that prove useless most of the time. They consume space and ram. They also run in background allowing them drain battery.

Cannot Uninstall Android Apps? See Reasons

21:10 1
Hey Guys, Today i downloaded an Android App but after installing and i discovered it was not needed, i could not uninstall it.  

Then i noticed it did not show up in my apps list again. Installing was an easy task, uninstalling proved hard. If you are encountering this same problem then the two scenarios below might just be the cause.

Best Android Blogging App for Every Blogger 2017

20:00 2
Its been up to a year now that i have been craving for an Android App that can make publishing posts on Blogger easy. Though i came across many but only BlogIt and Bloggeroid are worthy of mention.

I would focus this post on BlogIt alone because Bloggeriod does not work well on my Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

HOT!!MTN Gameplus Of Free 300MB Now Back And Active On Psiphon

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HELLO geeks, here is another free 300mb free from MTN network but you will have to activate it using Psiphon and then use it on psiphon server or Vpn before it can start browsing. It can also be used on NetLoop VPN for browsing . It is very simple to activate and set just follow this tutorial and at last you will drop a comment thanking me of this wonderful tutorial.

How can I activate the Mtn 300MB free data?
Go to your text message from your phone and send this message to then GM to 2200 after this you will receive an instant message telling you about the message you sent which is also called confirmation SMS which will be in this form or manner below.
"Congratulations! Your 7 days free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB FREE data for the service. Dial *559# to check
your data balance. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games. "

Then Go Back and send "JW" to 2200 after this you will receive an instant message telling you about the message you sent which is also called confirmation SMS which will be in this form or manner below.
"Congratulations! Your 7 days free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB FREE data for the service. Dial *559# to check
your data balance. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games. "

After this dail *559# to confirm the data

See screenshot below:

So after getting this free data from Mtn, you can't just start browsing like this, you have to download Psiphon and put the full settings before your data can
be used.

How to renew this Mtn free 300mb?
Send STOPGM to 2200 and send GM to 2200 and STOPJW to 2200 and send JW to 2200 to renew it again then use Psiphon to boost it again.

How to use the free data of 300MB on psiphon?

So to get this done, you have to download Psiphon VPN by clicking here or if you have psiphon already
kindly go on with the tutorial
After downloading the Psiphon kindly open it and choose TUNNEL WHOLE DEVICE if anything like that pop out after download.

PROXY SERVER: game.mtnonline.com
As shown in the screenshot below.

Then after that is done, you can now click on SAVE and go to OPTIONS then choose UNITED STATE or you can also use BEST PERFORMANCE.
Then after that is done, then go to MORE OPTIONS and in your HOST ADDRESS insert and in PORT insert 8080 as shown in the screenshot

Then go back and connect your Psiphon then click STATS to see your Psiphon reading like this below.

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comment to encourage others about it too.
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