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Showing posts with label China. Show all posts

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Microsoft Build 2018 - All the Announcements That Matter

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Build is Microsoft's developer conference. This year's conference - Build 2018 - is from 7 May to 9 May, which is the same week Google plans to hold its own developer conference. The company will use the two-day event to discuss its plans around artificial intelligence (AI), cloud services, Cortana, Office, and Windows 10, of course. The full conference pass to attend is going for $2,495.

*Windows 10: Your Phone app:* Microsoft unveiled a new “Your Phone” app for Windows 10. It provides a mirror of a phone straight to a desktop PC, so that you can access texts, photos, and notifications from your workstation.

*Windows Mixed Reality*: Microsoft Layout. Microsoft announced a new “mixed reality” tool called Microsoft Layout. It lets you design and visualise real spaces in either Microsoft HoloLens or a virtual reality headset. Layout allows Windows Mixed Reality you to construct a virtual floor plan and move 3D models on it using a VR headset, so you can preview how a room would look. Then, you can go to the physical location and view that layout using HoloLens.

*DJI partnership*: DJI partnered with Microsoft to create a new drone SDK for Windows 10. This will enable full flight control and data transfer to Windows 10 PCs. So, with apps written for Windows 10 PCs, DJI drones will be able to be customised and controlled for a wide variety of industrial uses. This will also make it easy to integrate third-party hardware, such as multispectral sensors or custom actuators, with DJI’s drones.

*Alexa and Cortana*: We've been given a demo of Cortana running on Alexa and vice versa. It works by simply summoning Cortana with the command “Alexa, open Cortana.” You can then ask questions or commands (like “send an email”) to a specific person - something you can't do with just Alexa alone. Similarly, you can cue up Alexa within the Cortana interface on Windows 10 in order to access Alexa skills.

*Kinect in the cloud*: Microsoft is moving Kinect to the cloud, according to CEO Satya Nadella: “Kinect, when we first launched it in 2010, was a speech-first, gaze-first, vision-first device. It was used in gaming, and then, later on, it came to the PC, and it was used in many applications: medical, industrial, robotics, education... We’ve been inspired by what developers have done, and since Kinect, we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress when it comes to some of the foundational technologies in HoloLens. So we’re taking those advances and packaging them up as Project Kinect for Azure.”

*Meeting room*: Microsoft demoed "meeting room" - prototype hardware that should make meetings and conferences more manageable. Microsoft’s meeting room features a 360-degree camera and microphone array that can detect anyone in a meeting room, greet them, and transcribe what they say in any language. It also uses artificial intelligence to follow up on what meeting participants say in a meeting.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Whatsapp Banned In China

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Recall back then in july when the Chinese government blocked users of WhatsApp from sending photos and videos over the app.

Well now, Users in China have reported widespread disruptions in recent days to the Facebook-owned service, which had previously malfunctioned in the country over the summer.
Experts said the problems began on Sunday, although text messages, voice calls and video calls appeared to be working again on Tuesday, though voice messages and photos were not going through.

WhatsApp provides message encryption technology that likely does not please Chinese authorities, which closely monitor and restrict cyberspace through their "Great Firewall".
Many Chinese activists favour WhatsApp over local messaging apps because of its end-to-end encryption function.

Although Mark met with chinese officials in beijing , it seems the meetings had to effect so to say,
The WhatsApp troubles emerged ahead of the Communist Party congress on October 18, when President Xi Jinping is expected to be given a second five-year term as the party's general secretary.
"It smells like Party congress pre-emptive blocking," said Jason Ng, who researches China's internet at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. China usually steps up surveillance around major events, Ng said.

While the WeChat messaging app owned by China's Tencent company is more widely used in the country, many WhatsApp users complained about the disruptions.

"As we get closer to the Party congress, I think authorities will use more extreme censorship measures. The public knows that WeChat isn't safe," prominent Beijing-based activist Hu Jia told AFP.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Two-bodied, eight-legged pig born in China.

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Waking up to news of rogue nations arming themselves with long-range nuclear missiles, nazis marching in the United States, and global warming altering the world’s most vital foods should be more than enough to convince you that humanity is on its last legs, but just in case you needed further evidence, China has you covered. A farmer in China’s Shandong Province oversaw the birth of what can only be described as a beast from another dimension: a two-bodied, eight-legged pig.

Okay, so it’s not a demon, but it’s still a pretty disturbing sight. Rather than being sent to the earthen plane by Satan himself, the “mutant” piglet is likely just the result of a incomplete cellular split that resulted in the animal becoming twins from the neck down, but its birth was enough to alarm and fascinate farmer Gao Baiqi and his fellow villagers.
After its birth, the well-meaning farmer intended to take the struggling piglet aside and feed it by hand, as it was incapable of nursing. Unfortunately, the animal’s condition was simply too dire, and it died just minutes after being born. The deformed infant was then photographed and buried.
Curiously, the would-be twins were actually fully formed with the exception of the head, and Gao claims that two full sets of internal organs were present in the piglet’s dual bodies. However, the animal’s skin was still underdeveloped, hurting the chances that it would have survived much longer even if it had been able to nurse.

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