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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

COVID-19: 4 Easy Ways Sanitize Your Smartphone.

COVID-19 is no longer news and it has been spreading rapidly across the world, It is so important to keep yourself safe during this period.

The Nigeria government has banned all travels in and out of the country and is advocating that people stay indoor during this epidemic.

While we are busy trying to keep ourselves safe, The smartphone we carry about is home to countless number of germs and COVID-19 is said to survive on surface for 24hours+.

I know it's not a regular habit to clean our smartphone, personally apart from wiping dust off the surface, I have never cleaned my smartphone before. 

In order to keep ourselves safe from this virus that has taken so many lives we were advised to wash our our hands with sanitizers or soap, but it is also important to clean your smartphone as well, because the moment you are done cleaning your hand, you pick up the germ filled smartphone again. So I outlined some simple steps you can take to clean and sanitize your smartphone to safeguard yourself.

Here is a Simple Guide on How to Sanitize Your Smartphone

1. UV Sanitizer : This container can tidy up to 99.9% viruses on your telephone. It utilizes bright light to disinfect your cell phone. You can check stores to get it. The cost of this sanitizer shifts relying upon where you are getting it from.

2. Use a Screen Protector and Cleaning Wipes: Nearly everybody has a screen protector on their cell phone. You can undoubtedly clean your display with a wipe and can replace the screen protector regularly.

3. Get an Antimicrobial Cleaning Clothe : These are an extremely compelling bit of material and it's truly adept at clearing out microbes from the outside of your cell phone. You can hose in water and tenderly wipe the screen and body of your cell phone to get the bits of earth out. 

The material is affordable can be bought from any online store.

4. Wash your hand always :  We can't overemphasize the significance of continually washing our hands with soap or hand sanitizer since it expels infections and germs. This forestalls contaminations and diseases.

These four simple steps above can go a long way helping you stay safe during this crisis.

Note: Guarantee you do away from alcoholic substances when purchasing cleaning materials for your telephone to maintain a strategic distance from lasting harm.

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