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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Stream Unlimitedly Using Cracked Cruise TV Server On MX Player Or Any Browser

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Hello guys, Been a while right, Well this festive period got me a little busy and it has been fun all the way!. "Since Christmas don pass, Happy New year advance!!!!!".

Now back to business, The Cruise TV app has been making wave for the past week now, and the great part about it is that it is data free for MTN subscribers which means MTN subscribers can stream unlimitedly on the app, cool right.

For those that do not know anything about the Cruise Tv app,

Cruise TV provides high-quality, cultural entertaining programmes and broadcast dedicated to Africans. Cruise TV is the world’s most well-known and trusted source of informational, educational and entertaining content in the projection of Africa. Cruise TV explores technology at the cutting edge of the digital revolution – including digital television, the web and broadband – using these to bring Africa to the widest audience possible.

Now having familiarized yourself with what the app is all about, you should also not that streaming on  app is free for only MTN users, if you have data on your MTN sim, it will use your data.

So back to why we are here, for the past week i have been monitoring the progress of the app and people complained about the app not functioning well in our telegram group, it works now the next minute it doesn't which is frustrating.

Now to fix all this problems, i decided to test the server link of the app over MX player and it worked just fine, so i decided to share with you guys.

How To Stream Cruise TV On MX Player Using The Cracked Server

  • Open the app  and  Tap the three dots located at the top-right corner Click  Network Stream and paste the cracked server link you from the text file you downloaded above and press OK
  • You can now stream unlimtedly without any issue.
You can also use the link on your PC by pasting the link from the file you downloaded on Chrome/Firefox.

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

How to Get Free Data On All Network Via the Dent App

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Hey Guys, Buying mobile data in Nigeria can be frustrating due to the cost, But RammyBlog has been re-branded and now structured to bring you tricks on how to get free and cheap data.

Some months back, Dent was launched in Nigeria and Malaysia, The Dent app allows you to send mobile data top-up and earn free data with the DENT App by referring other users to download and install the app on their device. The DENT App allows you to top-up someone else’s or your own phone.Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-ones from anywhere in the world.

When the Dent app launched in Nigeria for the first time, It was misused by Nigerians, but now the Dent app has improved their security a little by imposing phone call verification for first time users.

The Dent app now gives you 270 dents when you signup with this link and an additional 405 dents for startup cool right.

How To Get Free Data Using Dent App

  • Verify Your Phone Number. (Its is a call Verification).
  • Sign-up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
  • After successful signed up, you will be welcomed with 270 Dents + 405 Dents
  • To get more Dents ,you  have to refer friends to earn more points.
  • To purchase data with your Dents, Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and let’s go. It really is that easy.
  • That's all

How To Get Free Dent Without Referring

So many people have asked me this question, and most have resorted to cheating which might lead to  the company folding up early, Am sure the Dent developers are well aware of this which lead to them introducing a new update which allows you to earn free and legit dents by just completing a task. Below are the steps to earn free dent

  • Firstly, You need to update your Dent app. Click Here to Update
  • After successful update you will notice a change in the design of the app, There is a segment there that notify you to earn free dents, Click on Check Offers
  • It will show you list of tasks you will perform to earn free dents, Choose the one you can easily complete.
  • For me i chose to download an app on play store and it rewarded me with 311 dents.
  • That's all, Now you can earn dents by not even referring anyone to use the app.

Another unique feature about the dent app is that the  app allows you to safely buy DENTs with PayPal to make the topping as quick as possible.

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Friday, 14 December 2018

How To Activate 1.2GB For N500 on MTN

09:22 5
This is definitely the Season of Cheap Data, Like if things can remain this way, Nigeria Might end up being a great country.. Smiles.

MTN has followed the footsteps of GLO, Remember last week Glo launched a new special offer data plan that you can get 1.2GB for N200, Valid for 3 days? Yeah Check that out if you missed it. MTN has launched the same data plan, in which 1.2GB will go for N500 but with 7 days validity.

This offer from MTN was not announced just like the Glo package, The Data works on all devices and doesn't zap.


✔️ Recharge your line with N500
✔️ Dial *131*103#
✔️ You will be given 1.2GB
✔️ Validity: 7 days.
✔️ Dial *559*4# to check your bonus balance.

That's all, Don't forget to drop a comment below if activated it successfully and also share with your friends using the share buttons below.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

GLO SPECIAL DATA: Get 1.2GB For N200 and 6GB For N1000

07:42 9
Hey Guys, Am back again with the goodies😁.. like i said in my previous post about MTN season of surprise, Christmas came early in this part of the world.
Glo, Self proclaimed Grandmasters of Data has again lived up to that title by secretly launching a special data plan for everyone where you can get 1.2GB for N200, and No it's not Night plan. 

This special data offer is similar to that of 9mobile but better as this offer from Glo is not Sim selective.


1. Make sure you have at least N200 on your sim

2. Dial *777#, Then reply with 1 > then 1 > then 5 > then 2 > then 1.

3. Data Validity: 3 days

4. You can as well accumulate the data, and get 6GB for N1000. 

5. Dial *127*0# to check data balance


To extend the validity date, Accumulate the data, i.e when you subscribe for the N200 for 1.2GB, it will give you 3 day validity, if you subscribe again while this plan is still active, it will give you another 3 days validity,Now you have 6 days validity. 
That's All. If you ask me for the best data plan around, This Special data offer is definitely the bomb, Heavy internet Users can go for this offer.

What Do you think about this Offer? If you Have any questions use the comment section below. Remember to share with your friends!

Friday, 7 December 2018


22:07 1
As the Festive season draws near, MTN decided to bring Christmas to us Early!.. 

Was a bit busy today, So when i gave my phone Attention, i saw people talking about MTN free data. And i was like "eheh" in this Nigeria 😄.

Well Yes! Little Good things can still happen in Nigeria as MTN Season of Surprise is back again and subscribers have gotten their surprise already, which is quite thoughtful by the Network Providers.

According to MTN, this offer is tagged #SeasonOfSurprises#Just4U. It's actually a package that subsidizes the regular price of so many MTN packages.
Yeah, Hold that thought, I know you might be thinking how the whole "Surprise Thing" works. Below is a quick analysis of how this amazing offer works

How Does This Offer Works?

Since fingers ain't equal, We don't except you all  to get same Surprise package. What i am saying is that, what i get for my own MTN surprise package will be different from what you will get as your own MTN surprise package. Some will say its about luck. But i have this saying "Since its free, Just Do It".

Some folks got 500mb free data from MTN as their own surprise package which is valid for 7 days. To view bonus data balance , Dial *559*4#.

There are so many surprises in store #Just4U this season to browse, talk and text. Cool right 😎

Now i know you are reading this post and you are like, How do i get this now..

How To Get Your Own Surprise Package

You don't need to do anything to prompt MTN to give you your surprise package as it has already been issued out to eligible subscribers.

To see your surprise package, simply dial *142# on your MTN line. Once you dial that code, you will see your surprise package smiling at your screen.

If you are not eligible yet, you'll get a response like.

"You don't have an offer yet"


"Dear Customer, Thanks for trying. You are not eligible for this offer"

At least you collect Thanks for coming 😂..

Remember The Surprise package varies, Some will get just credit, some will get data, while some will get both credit and data.

That's all the information i have for now 😄. Did you get your Surprise? What Did they give to you?

Let us know using the comment section below!

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

9mobile Social Paks Settings For Anonytun BETA VPN To Power All Apps

18:32 1
Hey Guys, As we all know rammyblog has been re-branded to bring you the latest free browsing tips. Today Victor Kachi posted a cheap and affordable way to surf the internet. And i decided to share with you guys.

For some time now, we have been blazing the MTN mPulse even when the data was slashed, we still are using it. But today i bring you a more affordable way to surf the net using 9mobile Social pak.

Back in 2016, When i was still running mp3center i posted this trick and we blazed it for a long time before it was eventually blocked.

The 9mobile Social paks is a bit similar to the MTN mPulse, but the 9Mobile social pak would get you 2GB for N500 and 2.5GB for N700. Which is a great bargain if you ask me.

These plans are just for chatting on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, BBM and WeChat. You can't use it to browse other sites or power all apps on your Android phone. But with the help of a VPN, you are able to power all apps with the data and browse all websites.

You all remember Anonytun right (GLO 😂), Well for those that don't. Anonytun has been the best because of the browsing speed, download rate and its does not disconnect easily.

A cracked version of the Anonytun application called Anonytun Beta V5.0 has been released and its blazing hot with the 9mobile Social Pak bundles.

Unlike the Official Anonytun, Anonytun Beta V5.0 displays No ads at all and its very fast (Faster then The Official Version). Checkout the features Below.


It is ads free

✔ Very fast and download speed is better compared to the official anonytun vpn.

✔️ It has a beautiful and friendly interface with same configuration settings with anonytun.

✔️ It consume battery much battery, ram or freeze your phone since it is ads free.

So, those are the unique features of the Anonytun beta V5.0 VPN. Download and Install BELOW to see more features.



1. 9Mobile Sim (3G/4G lte)

2. Stable Network

3. Anonytun Beta V5.0 Vpn (DOWNLOAD HERE)

4. Migrate to MoreCliq by dialing *200*4*2*1#

5. Subscribe to any of the plans below:

2GB for N500 - dial *200*3*3*3*1# {1.5GB (which can be tunnelled with VPN) 500MB Cliq4DNite to be used at night from 12am-5am}

2.5GB for N700 - dial *200*3*3*3*2# {2GB (which can be tunnelled with VPN) 500MB Cliq4DNite to be used at night from 12am-5am}. Dial *228# to check your balance. Both plans are valid for 7 days.

Well, after installing you might notice that the language preference is Spanish making it difficult to navigate. But I got you covered already.


✔️ Launch the AnonyTun Beta V5.0 VPN you downloaded above

✔️Then click on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)


✔️Change Protocolo to HTTP

✔️Puerto to 80

✔️Turn on PayLoad

✔️Then click on Editar Payload (Edit Custom Tcp/Http Headers)

Set it like this

✔️URL/Host: viber.com/rammyblog.com.ng

✔️Request Method: POST

✔️Injection Method: NORMAL

Do not click anything under QUERY METHOD

✔️Extra Headers: Keep-Alive, Forward-Host, Online-Host

Click on GENERATE, Then Save it.

Then Go back to the homepage and click on CONNECTAR, After few seconds the Anonytun Beta would connect.

Now its time to enjoy browsing without ads, Open any browser or App and start browsing and its VERY VERY fast for DOWNLOADING.

That's all, If you have any issue setting it up kindly drop your questions via the comment box and you will get a reply ASAP!. and if it does work for you kindly let us know.

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