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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

All Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys.

Here is a Complete Compilation Of All Shortkeys for Microsoft Excel of any Year/Version
F2Edit the selectedcell.
F3After a name has been created, F3 will paste names.
F4Repeat last action. For example, if you changed the color of text in another cell, pressing F4 will change the text in cell to the same color.
F5Go to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F7Spell check selected text or document.
F11Create chart from selected data.
Ctrl+Shift+;Enter the current time.
Ctrl+;Enter the current date.
Alt+Shift+F1Insert NewWorksheet.
Alt+EnterWhile typing text in a cell, pressing Alt+Enter will move to the next line, allowing for multiple lines of text in one cell.
Shift+F3Open the Excelformula window.
Shift+F5Bring up search box.
Ctrl+1Open the Format Cells window.
Ctrl+ASelect all contents of the worksheet.
Ctrl+BBold highlighted selection.
Ctrl+IItalic highlighted selection.
Ctrl+KInsert link.
Ctrl+SSave the open worksheet.
Ctrl+UUnderline highlighted selection.
Ctrl+DFill down. Fills the cell beneath with the contents of the selected cell. To fill more than one cell, select the source cell and pressCtrl+Shift+Downto select multiple cells. Then pressCtrl+D to fill them with the contents of the original cell.
Ctrl+RFill right. Fills the cell to the right with the contents of the selected cell. To fill more than one cell, select the source cell and pressCtrl+Shift+Rightto select multiple cells. Then pressCtrl+R to fill them with the contents of the original cell.
Ctrl+1Change the format of selected cells.
Ctrl+5Strikethroughhighlighted selection.
Ctrl+PBring up the print dialog box to begin the printing process.
Ctrl+ZUndo last action.
Ctrl+F3Open Excel Name Manager.
Ctrl+F9Minimize current window.
Ctrl+F10Maximizecurrently selected window.
Ctrl+F6Switch between open workbooks or windows.
Ctrl+Page upMove between work sheets in the same document.
Ctrl+Page downMove between work sheets in the same document.
Ctrl+TabMove between Two or more open Excel files.
Alt+=Create a formula to sum all of the above cells.
Ctrl+'Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected.
Ctrl+Shift+1Format number in comma format.
Ctrl+Shift+4Format number in currency format.
Ctrl+Shift+3Format number in date format.
Ctrl+Shift+5Format number in percentage format.
Ctrl+Shift+6Format number in scientific format.
Ctrl+Shift+2Format number in time format.
Ctrl+Arrow keyMove to next section of text.
Ctrl+SpaceSelect entirecolumn.
Shift+SpaceSelect entire row.
Ctrl+-Delete the selected column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+=Insert a new column or row.
Ctrl+HomeMove to cell A1.
Ctrl+~Switch between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.

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  1. I might find it useful soon though..... I just wish i dont need to learn anything... I should just know it automatically


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