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Friday, 28 July 2017


Malware is short for malicious software and its a single term for Virus, worm, spyware, Trojan horses, ransom ware, adware, scareware e.t.c.

Malware is mainly designed to harm your computer (Standalone or Networked). It could come in any form  of Active content, scripts, executable code, and other softwares.

Malware is defined as a malicious intent which purpose is to harm data, devices or even people.

Malware basically makes the system unstable, causing it to reboot, crash or make the system slow with a particular reason. For example if a worm attacks a computer, it makes the computer slow due to high CPU and also makes the internet slow as explained below

Malware are classified according to the damage they go around causing. The damage the malware causes would determine the classification.

The list below is common malware attacks:

  • Virus: Viruses attach themselves to clean and uninfected files and they infect other clean files. They replicate themselves very fast, And they make changes to files and delete them, damaging the core functionality of the system and they mostly appear as executable file.

Virus can find its way into the system by attaching to an image, audio, video files etc. It can also be downloaded from the internet as this is very common now. It can be attached to a free software you download or any other file. Before downloading from the internet be sure of what you want to download or better still download it from the official site of the software.

But bear in mind that virus cannot spread on its own, as it need human action to start operation.

Virus is of different types which are as follows.
1) File viruses
2) Macro viruses
3) Master boot record viruses
4) Boot sector viruses
5) Multipartite viruses
6) Polymorphic viruses
7) Stealth viruses

  • Worm: Worm infects the entire network of device. Either local or across the internet. Worm replicates itself over and over again. Unlike virus its does not damage files or data. They spread by exploiting the weakness of the operating system unlike Virus they do not attach themselves to files.Worms consumes a lot of space in the hard drive due to constant replication which increase the CPU usage and it also consume more network bandwidth.

  • Trojan: Trojan horse are not virus rather a DANGEROUS Application which disguise as the legitimate Application. They Do not replicate files but they are very destructive. They create a backdoor entry in the system which gives access to malicious users and programs making stealing of confidential information possible.
Like Malware Attacks, Trojan are also classified by the extent of damage they cause. We have seven types of Trojan Horses:
• Remote Access Trojans
• Data Sending Trojans
• Destructive Trojans
• Proxy Trojans
• FTP Trojans
• Security software disabler Trojans
• Denial-of-service attack Trojans

  • Spyware: From the Name, Its basically made to spy on user activity. It monitors and keeps records of online activities, including your passwords, credit card numbers, it displays useless ads or redirect to an affiliate revenue site. Unlike virus they do not replicate files but they are made for exploiting security holes.

  • Ad ware: Though they are not malicious, What they do is display annoying ads while a program is running or while surfing the internet. They can be downloaded automatically while surfing the internet, or as a pop up window when browsing. It is used by companies for advertising strategies.

  • Ransomware: This type of Malware encrypts the computer then threaten to erase all the files and data except a ransom is paid.  damage. For example, programs such as CryptoLocker encrypt files securely, and only decrypt them on payment of a substantial sum of money. Ransomware is otherwise known as scareware.

As stated above they are different types of Malware and they affect the system differently. Once a computer is infected, A good Antivirus should be able to remove the infection completely. A good antivirus would contain necessary definitions to get rid/remove the malware. But in a case in which the OS has been damaged to a certain extent, Even a good Antivirus might not be able to fix it. but the user would have to reinstall a new OS to repair the computer.

Prevention is better than cure, as this is the best defense against Malware.
Not getting infected at all might sound hard. 
The following list are ways to prevent malware

Stay Away from Suspicious websites:
You might feel the website is doing you greater good by offering you Free pirated applications but whereas they are offering you Malware. Try and download from the official site or look a for a trusted third party website to download from.

Avoid suspicious emails:
We all get that mail offering us the chance to become a millionaire or win marvelous gifts in just 2 minutes. But whereas they are just malware.
Avoid clicking the links in such emails and deleted it immediately.

Have A Good Antivirus App Running All the time:
This is a very obvious prevention. Just get a good antivirus app running of your computer all the time and avoid the silent mode unless very important.

Malware has seem inevitable over the years, it has merely changing face and malicious users are advancing they way they attack everyday.
Prepare And Protect your computer from attacks. As that has been the trend.

How do you protect your computer from attacks? And Share any experience you have had or having with malware using the comment box below

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