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Friday, 28 July 2017

5 movie streaming apps for smart TV

Your Television is more than just a tv screen nowadays. It can be an entertainment box for the rest of your day by just adding new applications to it for instance, games, workout apps, music streaming and movie streaming applications. Though, till now we were  omovie streaming applications for smartphones only, smart Tv’s has been able to bridge the gap between smartphones and Smart Tvs.
You will be amazed to know that now you can stream movies online on your television screen very easily. There is no doubt, these apps work quite well on your devices. Certainly, the confusion that arises in our mind is which is the best streaming application for Smart Tv’s?
Today we are here to discuss the top 5 movie streaming applications for Smart Tv’s. We hope you can pick out the best one for yourself:-

1. NetFlix
Since a decade now, NetFlix is serving to this market of Android application. Since it was the one to start this amazing concept of streaming movies online, we cannot ignore its HD quality  and collection of movies.
Undoubtedly, this app has an awesome stock of tv shows and videos to watch. It is being regularly updated with new shows and episodes to watch. It works great on your smartphone and now on your smart tv.
NetFlix is getting new ideas and concepts to attract people to connect with NetFlix this year. It is providing with free trial for one month but you have to pay subscription to register yourself. The good thing is that you can cancel the registration if you feel disappointed with the app.
2. Amazon Prime Video
Amazon, basically was never made for streaming movies on devices, but gradually it has been serving people with exclusive and old classic movies on all the platforms available.
Besides providing you with an exclusive stock of movies, it has a great collection of old movies that you may not find on any other application. Unlike NetFlix, there's no tension of registering with the app.
3. Hulu
Undoubtedly Hulu was a movie streaming service but only with limited edition. It was serving users with a free experience but with advertisements, whereas, the other one was paid and had a good collection of movies and services but still advertisements were inevitable.
Now Hulu has introduced its new tier with no advertisements and better stock of tv series and movies. Still, you will not find movies and tv shows as compared to Amazon and NetFlix. But it worth watching tv series on Hulu, especially on your big tv screens.
4. iPlayer
BBC has a reputation with streaming tv shows on your devices. It has been working in this field for a long time now, therefore, you can expect to watch some great latest tv shows. The only significant thing to notice is, iPlayer runs an entire tv series only for a month from its release date, thus, if you want to watch a particular tv shows after that month, it is nearly impossible on iPlayer.
5. YouTube
What can be better than YouTube itself. Foremost, it was known for amateur video uploading and followers. But gradually it has been attracting good professional uploaders, who work on YouTube.
It is known for providing you documentaires, movies, videos, tv shows and much more. Though it is giving you an option to watch latest movies, they can only be viewed by renting or buying these movies for eternity. YouTube has managed to entice quite an audience across the world.
Final Words
All the movie and tv show streaming applications are perfect at their work and provide you with excellent video quality. The features are one thing you can fall for. All of them are almost similar but with minor differences, therefore, you can pick one for yourself. Do let us know your experience with these applications on your Smart Tv’s. Thank You!
Author Bio
Swati Sharma is an avid tech-enthusiast and geek. She writes at Bloomtimes.com where she covers topics related to gadgets, apps and operating systems.

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