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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Glo launches 4g LTE Network And Cheap Data Plans In Nigeria

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Wow! This is exactly what i have been clamouring for, Glo launches 4g lte In Nigeria. Just Yesterday Etisalat was testing theirs in Lagos, Now Glo has joined Mtn, Etisalat, Ntel in the 4g Lte Race.

The Data Plans Glo released for their 4g Lte is exactly the same as the plans for 3g and 2g Networks.
See Below:

Monday, 3 October 2016

VIDEO: how To Download Unlimitedly Using Glo 0.00kobo Via Uc Browser

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Hey Guys, As i promised on The Whatsapp Group chat that i would create a Video on How i am flexing the Glo 0.00kobo Via Uc Mini Handler. 
In my previous post on this cheat my i received complaints from people that it does not download, while some other people said it was Blazing like hell.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Tweakware VPN Extends Their Data Limit On Free Servers To 1.2gb

17:38 0
Happy Independence Day Guys, In the mood of celebrating, The popular VPN app Tweakware just gave out the best gift.
Before today Tweakware has a daily limit of 300mb for their free server which is always congested, Although we have our way of bypassing it. 
Today when i tried using it i discovered that the daily limit for free servers has been increased to 1.2gb on the V3.6 app.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New Cheap And Improved Data Plans From Glo

09:28 0
Hey Guys, Glo has done it again, As we all know glo offers us the cheapest data plans and i do not see them relishing the rank to any other network provider.

But Glo also boasts of poor internet services in most part of the country, but for the few lucky ones that enjoys Glo internet services like me. This improved data plans is just what we prayed for.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How To Download The New Messaging app "ALLO" In Nigeria

22:51 0
I posted today about the Allo App from Google and i got replies that it was not available for download in Nigeria yet.

I succeeded in downloading and i used the app and i must confess it was a good experience and i see them giving Facebook and Whatsapp tough time.
What i enjoyed more about the app was the Google assistant  feature it was just on point.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

IPhone 7 Is Available In Nigeria - See Prices Here

19:37 0
For those awaiting Iphone 7 in  Nigeria, The wait is over as You can now get it online at a "Cheap" price.

iPhone 7 128GB variant is sold at Konga now for N540,000.

While the 32GB variant is sold for N430,000 on Konga also.
According to Geekbench's result, this phone is said to be the fastest phone in the world. And it is also Dust and Water resistant.

You Can Order for Yours HERE

I still do not see anything special about the phone it just hype to ME. What do you think about the price, Is it cheap? And would you get the Phone?

Have Your Say!

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✅New Free Glo Unlimited Uc Mini Handler Browsing For PC Now Active

Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Use The Glo 0.00kb Cheat On Pc Via Uc Browser Handler Now Active

08:30 3
I know most of us have been flexing the glo 0.00kb vis Uc mini Handler on our smartphones and some have been requesting for How to use it on their Pc.

This post would be short and straight forward since we are gonna follow the same procedure as we did using smartphones.

✔ Glo SIM card with 0.00kb on it (without active data)
✔ Your USB modem / Hotspot From Your Phone

Launch the browser and configure it as below
➖Proxy type: REAL HOST

➖Proxy server: redirect.glo.com

➖Real proxy type: default (you can also use

➖Real proxy port: 80

Leave other settings as it was,
After that, simply click SAVE and click continue or change the Pinger settings/Handler Settings and continue using your UC Browser

Press “Ctrl O” anytime while using to navigate to the Settings.The Same Settings are used to config

How To Download Large Files With It:

Remember i said we Would flex it like we did flex the Airtel Plan. But this time we would use German-proxy.de

✔ Open this site with your uc mini handler german-proxy.de

✔Copy The Download link of The File You Want To Download And Paste It In The Box Provided Here.

✔Click Go

✔ Now click go and your download will start
reading (just like that of airtel 20gb)

This site german-proxy might rename the file you are downloading to .php format. Now what you should do is to change the .php extension to the format of the file you are downloading. For example .mp4, .apk, .exe .pdf etc when the download option popup before downloading.

If you encounter any problem kindly use the comment box below.

I hope this helped and worked for you. But dont be selfish, Share with people you friends on the different social platform available below.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

NCC Fines Innjoo N4million for Selling Substandard and Unapproved Phones in Nigeria

13:05 0
The Nigeria commcuncation Commision NCC fined Innjoo for selling substandard phones in Nigeria.

This came as a result of people buying their product in the country but end up complaining about too many issues. The notable one i recall is the Innjoo Halo Smartphone which they claim was an MTK device but in reality was even close to being an MTK device.
Other issues were Poor Network Reception, Swelling of Batteries.

However The NCC raided their office earlier this week and sealed it.

The Head of Enforcement, NCC, Salisu Abdu, made this disclosure to journalists in Lagos shortly after the payment of the fine, and stated that the regulatory body had suspended the sanction earlier imposed on Innjoo.

He said, “As a result of the enforcement action of August 2015, a fine of N4m was imposed on the firm and their office was sealed. We are in Innjoo office today for enforcement action. We have been engaging with them. They have decided not to pay the fine. We have decided to come today for enforcement action.
“When we got here, they told us that they have actually not received a notice of sanction. Honestly, a letter was sent to a lawyer representing Innjoo Technology Limited. So, when we gave them a copy of the letter of sanction today, they immediately complied.
“They have paid the fine of N4m and the sanction has been suspended. This is a warning to other phone manufacturers to get their devices type approved by the NCC. This is an opportunity for them to get necessary type- approval. It is an offence to sell devices not type-approved by the NCC.”
Well i hope this serves as a lesson to other phone makers that would just come to Nigeria to laaunch scraps, Although i think the fine is too small compared to what Mtn paid.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Airtel 20gb for 200Naira is back and it downloading heavy files on Opera Mini

14:04 0
Airtel 20gb for 200Naira is back and active on opera mini and its blazing flawlessly. I received a lot of complaints from people who subcribed to it before it was reduced to 200mb and people who subscribed after it was reduced to 200mb that it has stopped working. Well this is your opportunity, so don't blow it.

I already posted how to use the data on opera mini here but below is the summary of the post.

✅Launch your Opera Mini And visit

✅At the bottom, you would see a box with Url
address google.com Beside it there is "Go To
Site Button" Click It

✅At The Top of google.com there is the same box there. Now edit it and put the web address of the file you want to download.

Update your Opera mini if this steps are not working for you

Note: It would change the name of the file. but
there is no cause for alarm.

Is This Article Helpful? Kindly Leave a comment telling us your experience with it.

Airtel Reviews their Night plan As 1.5gb now goes for N200

12:16 0
Airtel cannot stop getting in the news, earlier this week it was the #200 for 20gb they reviewed, Now its their night plan.

Before today their night plan was the cheapest and what most Internet users considered solution to expensive plans in the country.
Below is the breakdown of their data plan before today and today.

1.5gb for 50naira
500mb for 25naira

1.5gb for 200Naira
500mb for 25naira

Their new night plan is now similar to Etisalat 1gb for 200naira and Mtn 500mb for 25naira

To subscribe for their plan dial *312# and reply 3.

I personally think there are just trying to get customers with cheap plans then when they achieve this they just review and change everything without a single notification.

What do you think of the changes they make without informing us? Well am going to do an exclusive on how Network providers have been scamming us on September 18th which happens to be my birthday.

Kindly share before people you love falls victim of their antics

Monday, 5 September 2016

Latest Cheap Airtel Plans Of 10gb For #100, 20gb For 200 And 100gb For #300

12:01 0
Airtel has Launched the best data plan ever, as you can now get 10gb for #100, 20gb for #200 and 100gb for #300. You might think it sound stupid and unrealistic but its true. 
The plans are social plans where you can make use of Facebook, Whats App, Instagram and Opera Mini.

I said in my previous post that we are benefiting from Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg Visit to Nigeria. Now instead of beefing Kenyans ib Twitter, Why not rock this amazing plans together while it lasts.

How The Plan Works.
As i stated earlier, This plans are social plans and they are not cheats, So they are poised to work normally.
It was launch so the Customers would be able to browse without thinking of data and connect with their loved ones on different social media platforms. i.e Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Opera Mini.

How To Subscribe For The Social Plan
✅Dial *688# on your Airtel Sim
✅Reply with The plan You Want to subscribe for;
➖Reply 1 to get 10gb which costs 100Naira Valid for 5days
➖Reply 2 to get 20gb which costs 200Naira Valid for 25days
➖Reply 3 to get 100gb(Unlimited) which cost 300Naira Valid for 25days
✅You would receive A confirmation SMS.
✅To check the data balance dial *140#

How To Power All Applications and Download With It
I have received lot of messages concerning how to power all applications using Psiphon, As much as i want that to happen there is currently no working method to make that possible. But in my previous post I explained how you can download heavily with it on Opera Mini.
You Can Read On The Post Here

Am working on how to make it work with Psiphon and Am working with other tech bloggers as well, Although i came close to a Solution but its misbehaving still. I Promise to post the Solution Immediately it is stable.

Are you still confused? 😕 do you want to know more about this plan? Kindly use the comments box below to ask me any question and i will try my best to help as much as i can. Also comment if you are currently using any of these plans. Let's know your experience. As for me, it's been awesome using these airtel bundles even though the network here is poor

Don't forget to Use the Share buttons to Share with your Friends

The Plans have been corrected by Airtel and data is already been taken away

The plans are as now as follows:
➖Reply 1 to get 100mb which costs 100Naira
Valid for 5days
➖Reply 2 to get 200mb which costs 200Naira
Valid for 25days
➖Reply 3 to get 300mb which cost
300Naira Valid for 25days

Read More Here

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hot! How To Make Airtel #200 For 20gb Download Heavy Files Using Opera Mini

19:33 0
Finally, We get to enjoy the visit of Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg, Airtel Launched A new  plan Today which works only on Whatsapp, Facebook and Opera Mini.  But It does not download Heavy Files, But i found a way to make it download Heavy Files
So Lets Get to work.

Dial *688# And Reply 2 to Subscribe for 20gb which costs #200 and lasts for 25days.
Then Launch your Opera Mini And visit roogen.com

At the bottom, you would see a box with Url address google.com Beside it there is "Go To Site Button" Click It

At The Top of google.com there is the same box there. Now edit it and put the web address of the file you want to download.

Note: It would change the name of the file. but there is no cause for alarm 

Is This Article Helpful? Kindly Leave a comment telling us your experience with it.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

LG To Launch A Smart Fridge With Windows 10 O.S

14:08 2
Samsung unveiled a smart fridge with a giant
1080p touchscreen attached to it earlier this
year at CES. Not to be outdone, LG is at IFA
today in Berlin with its own smart fridge, except it goes one step further. While Samsung opted for Tizen in its own fridge , LG has gone for Windows 10. That means you can launch all kinds of Windows apps on the fridge, and even classics like MS Paint and regedit if you desire.
LG is using a 29-inch touchscreen that's also
translucent. It's actually really impressive to
simply look at, and it's fast and fluid to use. LG's own Windows 10 apps are designed so you can stick notes to the fridge, set a timer, add recipes and healthy information about meals, or simply mark food that you can see through the translucent display. It seems slightly bizarre to have an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM inside your fridge, but once I flicked over to Microsoft Edge to watch some YouTube videos I was intrigued at the idea.

As LG has opted for a full version of Windows
10, you can even install apps from the Windows Store on here, play music out of the speakers, or use Cortana for voice control. While the Windows 10 Start menu blocks out the contents of the fridge behind when you use it, apps simply blend into the translucent display so you can have the weather on display while checking how much milk you have left. It's all super ridiculous and I don't need Windows 10 on my fridge, but I really want it on there now.

LG isn't revealing exact specs of the fridge just yet or pricing and release information, but the Smart Instaview Door-in-Door fridge should launch later this year.

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

HOT!!MTN Gameplus Of Free 300MB Now Back And Active On Psiphon

14:54 3
HELLO geeks, here is another free 300mb free from MTN network but you will have to activate it using Psiphon and then use it on psiphon server or Vpn before it can start browsing. It can also be used on NetLoop VPN for browsing . It is very simple to activate and set just follow this tutorial and at last you will drop a comment thanking me of this wonderful tutorial.

How can I activate the Mtn 300MB free data?
Go to your text message from your phone and send this message to then GM to 2200 after this you will receive an instant message telling you about the message you sent which is also called confirmation SMS which will be in this form or manner below.
"Congratulations! Your 7 days free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB FREE data for the service. Dial *559# to check
your data balance. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games. "

Then Go Back and send "JW" to 2200 after this you will receive an instant message telling you about the message you sent which is also called confirmation SMS which will be in this form or manner below.
"Congratulations! Your 7 days free trial of Game+ has been activated & you have 150MB FREE data for the service. Dial *559# to check
your data balance. Visit game.mtnonline.com for more games. "

After this dail *559# to confirm the data

See screenshot below:

So after getting this free data from Mtn, you can't just start browsing like this, you have to download Psiphon and put the full settings before your data can
be used.

How to renew this Mtn free 300mb?
Send STOPGM to 2200 and send GM to 2200 and STOPJW to 2200 and send JW to 2200 to renew it again then use Psiphon to boost it again.

How to use the free data of 300MB on psiphon?

So to get this done, you have to download Psiphon VPN by clicking here or if you have psiphon already
kindly go on with the tutorial
After downloading the Psiphon kindly open it and choose TUNNEL WHOLE DEVICE if anything like that pop out after download.

PROXY SERVER: game.mtnonline.com
As shown in the screenshot below.

Then after that is done, you can now click on SAVE and go to OPTIONS then choose UNITED STATE or you can also use BEST PERFORMANCE.
Then after that is done, then go to MORE OPTIONS and in your HOST ADDRESS insert and in PORT insert 8080 as shown in the screenshot

Then go back and connect your Psiphon then click STATS to see your Psiphon reading like this below.

If you know this article or post is helpful to you kindly drop your
comment to encourage others about it too.
So did it work for you or not? Drop comment now

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How To Get 1GB For Just #100 On Your Glo SIM

21:56 2

Do you know you can get as much as 1GB data for just #100? Well, just pray your sim is eligible for this because its not for every glo sim but just give it a try and you might be lucky to get the offer. Follow the below steps to get this awoof data from glo network.

Step 1: if you wish to enjoy this bonus data from Glo, you must have N100 or more on your Glo line.

Step 2: Now, you will have to SMS the keyword “1” to 8070 or if you have received a message from Glo that you are qualify for the offer, kindly go back to the message you received earlier and reply with 1.

Step 3: You will have to wait for some time and soon or later, you will get a reply message like
this “Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated.

NOTE: Glo is giving some people less than one gigabyte.

Step 4: To confirm your data and view your validity date, you can dial #122*22# anytime on your
Glo Nigeria line.

Step 5: For those of you trying it and currently it is not working for you. You can switch your
tariff plan to PAYU or Glo Bounce and retry.
Send PAYU to 127 to change tariff plan to Glo PAYU.

If you have any question concerning this, kindly use the comments box below and i will try my best
to guide you.

Remember to download and use our android app HERE to check recent updates on this blog. If you are currently rocking this data plan, kindly let us know via the comment section.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How To Browse UnlimitedWith Airtel WTF *990#,*991# Data Plan

22:23 1
I know you might be aware of this package because it has been in existence since 2014 but if you are hearing it for the first time, let's welcome you to "Airtel WTF data bundle"
The very hilarious part about this plan is the name Airtel gave to it.

The plan is made for peeps that are always using social media apps 24/7 as you can facebook, whatsapp, tweet and even use BBM with this bundle.

How Many MB Is On Airtel WTF Data Bundle?

This has been a major debate since the introduction of this plan by airtel. The Nigerian Telco said it's
unlimited when it was initially introduced but later some people realized it is data capped at 30MB
for the 14 day plan which goes for N100 while the monthly data plan is capped at 80MB and goes for

But Why Did I Say It Is Unlimited?
A friend of mine recently told me that he is now using this airtel WTF package unlimitedly for a couple of months now and he was also able to use it to browse the Internet unlimited. So i decided to try it with one of my airtel SIM cards. I
subscribed for the monthly plan which is 200 Naira and since then i have been using it browse on the
phone as well as for social media. I did it for two more people and they are currently rocking it unlimited so i decided to share with you guys so
that you can try it out.

How Can I Subscribe To Airtel WTF Bundle?
=> To get the bundle plan for one month, dial *990# for just N200
=> And to get the bundle for one week, dial *991# for just N100

How Can I Check The Data Balance?

To check your data balance, dial *990*0#

How To Browse Unlimited On The Internet With It

As i told you earlier, you can browse with this plan which is only meant for social media but the trick
is changing your airtel APN to the right one and use Opera Mini to brows as it doesn't work on UC
browser. Am still trying to see how to use it on PC and maybe use it to power all applications using VPN apps like Psiphon and Netloop.
Use this airtel APN – internet.ng.airtel.com
I think this is cool if you successfully do it on your SIM. Let's see how far it will go.
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